Matrix Energy reaches Solar Fresh Air Heating milestone

Matrix Energy has now supplied over 400,000 ft2 of solar fresh air heating collector area since 1990 with over 125 solar air heating projects to its credit.

Matrix Energy announced today that it will have now supplied over 400,000 ft2 of solar fresh air heating collector area since 1990.

With over 125 solar air heating projects to its credit, with this new milestone Matrix Energy will have helped save its customers over 28,748 mWh in energy costs while reducing their total CO2 emissions by over 7608 tonnes annually, says Brian Wilkinson, President of Matrix Energy Inc. These solar fresh air heating systems will also be furnishing more than 2,331,000 CFM of ventilation air amongst its clients located in Canada and the United States.

In its most recent solar fresh air heating project, Matrix Energy will be supplying a 4,500 ft2 navy blue MatrixAirTM solar collector to their diversified customer, Groupe Doncar, for their new headquarters building located in Laval, Quebec, Canada. This transpired, solar fresh air heating system demonstrates operating efficiencies upwards of 70% with payback's within five years on most new buildings. The perforated metal absorber is used to draw in heated fresh air off the surface of south-facing walls, where it is then distributed throughout the building as pre-heated ventilation air. The genius of this system is in the perforated absorber and overall systems' fundamental simplicity: solar energy is used to heat incoming fresh air, which is then brought into the building via a conventional make-up air or ventilation system.

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