InstallerNet Partners with Powerhouse Dynamics to Install eMonitor Systems Throughout North America

Powerhouse Dynamics customers will have instant access to installation services through InstallerNet's nationwide network of nearly 1,000 installers certified to install eMonitor.

Boston, Mass. - October 26, 2010 - InstallerNet, a Boston-based company that coordinates national installations of consumer and commercial electronics, announced a partnership with Boston-based Powerhouse Dynamics, provider of eMonitorTM, a unique residential energy management system that monitors electricity usage at the circuit-level. InstallerNet operates the largest network of independently owned home electronics installers in the United States, while Powerhouse Dynamics offers consumers an unprecedented level of actionable energy intelligence, providing the information needed to lower energy usage, save money and enhance home safety.

The partnership allows Powerhouse Dynamics to offer InstallerNet's services with eMonitorTM energy management system, regardless of where it's sold. Powerhouse Dynamics customers will have instant access to installation services through InstallerNet\\\\\'s nationwide network of nearly 1,000 installers certified to install eMonitorTM. Consumers can go on-line and purchase installation services for their eMonitorTM, as well as schedule the install for their convenience. InstallerNet customer service agents manage the entire process to ensure an easy and positive experience.

\\\\\"By providing a nationwide network of certified installers, specifically trained on eMonitorTM, InstallerNet not only removed all installation barriers for our customers, but will also allow us to reach a whole new audience of "Do-It-For Me" customers, adding convenience and confidence to the overall purchasing process,\\\\\" said Tim Durant, Powerhouse Dynamics's VP of Business Development and Marketing.
\\\\\"We\\\\\'re excited about this new relationship. We have been looking at the explosive growth in the consumer energy management industry and have finally found a product we feel has broad consumer appeal and can be a leader in this space," said Bill Sheehan, Director - Business Development, Residential Services for InstallerNet. "eMonitorTM is the only product that actually provides the homeowner with the level of information they need to intelligently lower their energy usage and save money."

InstallerNet's installation services will be available to Powerhouse Dynamics customers in October, 2010.

About InstallerNet
InstallerNet is an installation solutions provider for the consumer electronics industry delivering content, technology, services, and logistics to CE retailers, manufacturers and installers. The company specializes in merchandising and coordinating consumer electronics installation services through the nation's largest network of independently owned mobile and home electronics installers. InstallerNet has developed a unique approach to better merchandise services through its branded InstallCard, a patent-pending model that allows retailers to sell professional services like a gift card. With proprietary web and call-center technologies InstallerNet can provide the complete package to meet and exceed customer expectations. For further information visit

About Powerhouse Dynamics
Powerhouse Dynamics' eMonitor is the first intelligent home energy management solution, designed to monitor all uses and sources of energy in the home combining energy efficiency and renewable energy. The eMonitor uniquely monitors a home's electrical power consumption at the circuit level providing ongoing analysis, diagnostics and alerts to deliver actionable intelligence at the level of granularity required for effective energy management, cost savings and enhanced home safety for any homeowner.
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Powerhouse Dynamics
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