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Personal frustrations lead to creating a business

The quest for renewable energy for two people leads them to forming a business. The addition of renewable products to your home can be scary and frustrating proposal. This is what prompted this online store. "Even simple products like solar attic fans, American made generators and solar lights were either not well built or hard to find" The Problem is everyone thinks adding renewable products to your home or business has to be a hassle or a big project. There are small things that can be done to help the planet and also your pocket book. The picture continues as they are also in the beginning stages of creating a large wind park in the local area. "Making power from fossil fuels and nuclear energy is a very dirty proposal and is harming not only the earth but the people that live around the power plants".

This online store offers a little bit of everything for everybody. Going green or renewable does not mean you immediately have to put up a wind turbine or a solar system it means that you can do it one step at a time. Small steps now can mean savings in the future. Toboa Energy trys to make it simple and offer something for everyone including businesses and back up power. They have made shopping for renewable energy without pressure at their website and if you have questions they will be happy to assist you in any way.

Toboa Energy has done three years worth of research to only give the best quality products to your home or business at affordable prices. From Pet products made from renewable products to large wind turbines. This online store makes going green not only affordable but entertaining also as they host a blog talk radio show called the Green T Hour every Thursday at 9 pm central.

Where "Science and rednecks collide" is the motto. And is very informative to the average person. The topics discussed effect the everyday lives of every individual it's not mobo jumbo just straight talk about current events and more. World events and green products are the topics of discussion and the guest range from Bob Chapman to Princess Clark Wendell. Everything is open to discussion and is geared so anyone can listen and learn from the Show. So not only are they a Renewable energy store they are also a wealth of information and a good form of entertainment at times. Every Thursday at 9:00 pm central the show airs live and on podcast from the website

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Easy monitoring with weather sensors from Lufft

Easy monitoring with weather sensors from Lufft

Professional weather sensors form the heart of large solar plants supporting their operation and performance. Lufft was the first manufacturer to combine several sensors in one housing, bringing the largest multiparameter weather sensor family with 19 members into being. Many of them are well-suited for solar site assessment and continuous monitoring. The most commonly used one is the WS600 delivering data on temperature, air pressure, wind, relative humidity and precipitation. Through its open protocol, it can easily be attached to radiation sensors e.g. from Kipp&Zonen. Other models have an integrated Silicon, Second Class or Secondary Standard radiation sensor.