PPP in Waste Conference 7&8th March, 2011

SMi's 8th annual PPP in Waste Conference provides the industry with the platform to discuss, analyse and debate the fundamental issues and work towards effective and efficient solutions.

SMi are proud to present their 8th Annual...

PPP in Waste Conference 2011

The importance of cost-effective, environmentally sustainable waste management has never been so great. With environmental and economic pressures bearing down on the market it is imperative that the public and private sectors seize the opportunities a budget conscious, ecologically-aware society presents. Landfill targets, EU directives and significantly reduced council resources are all issues that need to be tackled head-on, in order to provide effective waste infrastructure now and for the future.

SMi's 8th annual PPP in Waste Conference provides the industry with the platform to discuss, analyse and debate these fundamental issues and work towards effective and efficient solutions. With the leading industry figures from the public and private sectors providing expert insight and analysis on all the key issues this event will once again prove to be the must-attend event in the waste management calendar.

Benefits of Attending:
Update your knowledge on the waste infrastructure market and all the key developments over the last 12 months

Learn through firsthand accounts what the big issues are and what they mean for your organization

Evaluate the latest trends and developments in the industry

Discover what the future holds in this rapidly evolving market and the impact of new regulation and technology

Network with all the key personnel in the waste infrastructure and PPP market

Don't miss your chance to learn and network with the leading authorities from the world of waste management, click here to view the full agenda

Who should attend?

Heads, Managers and Directors of:
Waste Management Companies
Local Council Representatives
Energy Companies and Advisers
Public Sector Environment and Infrastructure Bodies
Commercial Lawyers
Project Management Companies
Project Developers and Designers
Private Equity and Venture Capitalists
Engineering and Construction


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