Japan Renewable Energy Week 2011

World's Largest Class Event "Japan Renewable Energy Week" Takes plae Mar. 2[Wed] - 4 [Fri], 2011 - Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, JAPAN,Organised by: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

As the attention for renewable energy continues to rise globally, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. will organise "Japan Renewable Energy Week 2011", consisting of the following 7 exhibitions; the world's largest hydrogen & fuel cell event "FC EXPO 2011", Japan's largest photovoltaic event "PV EXPO 2011", Japan's only specialised exhibition "PV SYSTEM EXPO", the world's largest rechargeable battery event "BATTERY JAPAN", specialised exhibition of processing technology "[For Renewable Energy Industry] Processing Technology Expo", the largest exhibition in Japan from the first time "ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO", and "INT'L SMART GRID EXPO". Tokyo will literally become Renewable Energy Kingdom.

From FC EXPO 2011, 450 exhibitors will exhibit from around the globe with major Japanese exhibitors such as Tokyo Gas and JX Nippon Oil & Energy. At PV EXPO 2011, 900* exhibitors (including PV SYSTEM EXPO) will exhibit, including Japanese leading companies such as Sharp and Kyocera. For INT'L SMART GRID EXPO, leading exhibitors such as Fujitsu, Hitachi and Shimizu Corporation will exhibit.
As you can imagine, "Japan Renewable Energy Week" will be crowded with 2,100* renewable energy related companies, with expected visitors of 135,000* gathering from worldwide. In addition, concurrently-held Technical Conference consists of industry leaders where they reveal the future plans and foresights of the industry. Please come and feature an event on world's largest class renewable energy event.

Largest from its First Time! Everything about Smart Grid will be Here

Smart grid is the new keyword for renewable energy industry, and where huge business chance sleeps in. Hence, companies from worldwide, such as USA and Europe are emerging in order to get into this industry. Under these circumstances, INT'L SMART GRID EXPO will be held Japan's largest from its first edition where total exhibitors are expected to be 110*, including various Japanese top companies such as Fujitsu and Hitachi. This event will be Japan's largest one where all technologies, services, and products gather, with visitors from various quarters including electrical power companies and telecommunications carriers. It is without doubt that INT'L SMART GRID EXPO will play its role as a center point for smart grid systems to spread and grow. Everything about the future of smart gird will be revealed here.

Japan's Largest! 1st ECO HOUSE & ECO BUILDING EXPO Finally Launched

This exhibition has been newly launched in response to the increasing demand for environmentally conscious buildings in conjunction with generation of renewable energy sources. This event specialises in all products/technologies related to green buildings and eco-friendly housing environment, including energy saving devices, renewable energy, and so on. In order to exploit this business chance, companies emerging into this market are exhibiting, as up to 140* from the first edition, making this exhibition as Japan's largest event. Equally, visitor application is filling up as well in a rapid speed, from housing manufacturers, construction companies, and remodeling contractors.

Fuel Cell Car Test Drive Available On-Site!

From the world's largest fuel cell event FC EXPO 2011, 450* exhibitors will exhibit globally. Various products, including portable fuel cell, hydrogen infrastructure, and household fuel cell Ene-farm' will be there. In addition, fuel cell car test drive is available, where you can feel the ride quality of the car for yourself. This place will be the one to learn and acknowledge everything you need to know about fuel cell!

Japan's Largest! Sharp, Suntech Power New Products From Worldwide

One of the best attention getter at Japan's largest photovoltaic exhibition is Chinese companies, as there have been major changes in power relationships. Top panel manufacturer from China such as Suntech and Yingli Green Energy will exhibit. From Japan, major companies such as Sharp, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Electronics will bring their latest technologies. In addition, Korean companies, continuing its growth will take part as well. Last but not least, countries from Europe and United States will participate. In short, this event will be a must attend event in order to foresee the future of photovoltaic industry.

World's Largest! PC, Mobile, Space Ships Latest Products Revealed!

For quite some time, Japan had been leading in the field of rechargeable battery. However, recently various countries, including Korea is beginning to leap into the top. Under these circumstances, world's largest international exhibition, BATTERY JAPAN will gather 400* companies from worldwide, including Japan's leading companies, such as Hitachi, The Furukawa Battery, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Rechargeable battery is indispensable not only in personal computers and mobile phones but also in trains and space ships. This event may be the tipping point on whether Japan will stay in the top of the world or likely to fall behind.

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