New Solar and PV Installation Agreement Benefits Green Ontarians

Two solar companies, Unirac, Inc. and Canadian Solar Solutions, Inc. announced recently that they now offer a new joint solar package for their customers

Two solar companies, Unirac, Inc. and Canadian Solar Solutions, Inc. announced recently that they now offer a new joint solar package for their customers. The two companies now offer the 300 megawatts package, which consists of Canadian Solar Solution's photovoltaic (PV) panels and Unirac's solar racking systems, for either commercial or residential use in Canada. Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar Inc. said that, "the partnership helps assure optimized power production in a rooftop and ground mount environment."

Both companies are very optimistic about the partnership as well as the future of sustainable energy. Ontario customers will receive the highest levels of system performance, and they can increase the return on their investment through Ontario's feed-in tariff (FIT) program, as well as create a clean, sustainable source of energy.

The Future of Solar PV Installation Training and other Green Jobs

In 2009, the Ontario provincial government introduced different incentive and support programs to encourage solar projects, including the feed-in tariff program. This in turn created more green jobs and increased demand for workers with solar PV installation training. Enrollment in sola PV schools, like Ontario Solar Academy, has risen considerably in the past year, highlighting this increased interest and the long-term appeal of this rapidly growing industry. Partnerships, such as that of Canadian Solar Solutions and Unirac, will further boost future interest in solar PV installation training, renewable energy certification, and green jobs.

More on Canadian Solar Solutions and Unirac

Canadian Solar Solutions is a subsidiary of Canadian Solar, Inc. and it provides for solar projects throughout not only Canada, but also the United States, Asia, and Europe. Its main focus is on providing solar-related materials and equipment for commercial, residential, and solar farm markets in Canada. Unirac mainly provides PV mounting systems. In the past it focused on solar energy installations. Such partnerships have moved Ontario ahead to second place in North American solar photovoltaic (PV) rankings.

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