Unirac's 30MW Solar Project in Ontario To Boost Green Economy

US-based, Unirac and Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc., announced a partnership that will bring 30MW of solar power to Ontario.

US-based, Unirac and Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc., announced a partnership that will bring 30MW of solar power to Ontario. Unirac is known for manufacturing racks used to hold panels in place for solar installations. While the company's operations are mostly based in the United States, 10% of its supplies come from Asia, Europe, and Canada. The company established operations in Canada to take advantage of Ontario's feed-in-tariff (FIT) program and other incentives, thereby contributing to the province's green economy and demand for solar courses.

Partnership Benefits Ontario's Green Economy

This project provides interested Ontario residents with a turnkey solution by enabling consumers to optimize their own rooftop solar installations. Unirac provides the installation's racking infrastructure while Canadian Solar takes care of the construction, procurement, and engineering. "Ontario's compelling renewable energy reimbursements are paving the way for a more sustainable future," comments Unirac President and CEO, Doug May. "[T]his partnership provides an ideal platform to provide Ontario customers with superior solar installations designed to perform well over the long term." Napanee, Ontario serves as the starting point for the project, with a 10.9MW solar park installation planned.

Solar Solution for Individual Businesses Boosts Need for Solar Courses

Unirac touts its product as one of the first solar racking systems to meet Ontario's content requirements - a provision of the FIT program stipulating that a certain portion of all renewable energy projects must use locally sourced labour and materials to qualify for government incentives. Consumers who choose to utilise Unirac's turnkey solution are also eligible to take advantage of microFIT incentives. Under microFIT terms, individuals and small businesses that build up to 10kW of solar installation can earn between 64.2 and 80.2 cents per kWh. As Ontario's green economy grows with the entry of more investors, securing a job within the industry becomes increasingly more enticing, suggesting that demand for solar courses, renewable energy training, and similar educational initiatives will receive greater focus in a region devastated by dwindling manufacturing opportunities and rising unemployment.

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