Solar Tracking Systems World Market Leader DEGERenergie Reports Strong Growth in 2010

Company's growth exceeds overall industry rate; 2011 orders for patented solar tracking systems already strong

Horb am Neckar, Germany, February 15, 2011 ─ DEGERenergie (, a privately held world market leader of solar tracking systems with more than 35,000 installations in over 40 countries, today reported strong growth for 2010. With a 180 percent increase in inventory turnover as compared to 2009, the company's growth greatly exceeds the general trend in both the world economy and the solar sector.

"Our success story has been picture-perfect with impressive growth throughout the year," said Artur Deger, company founder and managing director. "We also expect a bright future ahead as the orders for our patented systems have already surpassed the figures we recorded at the beginning of last year. For 2011, our goal is to achieve another high double-digit increase in inventory turnover as we continue to expand and solidify our position as the world market leader in our sector."

To continue this stellar growth, DEGERenergie has hired new and highly qualified employees at the company's headquarters in Horb am Neckar in Germany. The number of staff has increased from 40 at the end of 2009 to 55, a growth of 37 percent. Additionally, there are more than 350 employees of affiliate companies and suppliers in the headquarters vicinity who work exclusively for DEGERenergie.

Expanding its global footprint, DEGERenergie also founded a subsidiary in North America in 2010 and strengthened its sales activities in the USA, Canada, Greece, Italy and other countries.

"Our Service, Sales and Marketing departments in particular have been strengthened by the addition of new staff," said Michael Heck, vice president of Marketing and Sales, DEGERenergie. "In the past year, we extended the company's sphere of activity on a worldwide scale and we will continue to do so. In the past year, the most important markets for solar tracking systems - thus our key markets - have been Italy, Greece and Canada. The market in Great Britain is also starting to open up."

At the heart of DEGERenergie's intelligent solar tracking systems is the company's patented control module that makes use of MLD (Maximum Light Detection) technology to always orient to actual conditions and align the connected solar modules to the brightest and energetic point in the sky. The result is the highest energy yields worldwide in the photovoltaic sector as substantiated by yield comparisons over several years.
About DEGERenergie:
Headquartered in Horb am Neckar, Germany with U.S. headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, DEGERenergie ( designs, develops and manufactures tracking systems to control photovoltaic modules in solar technology systems. Founded by Artur Deger in 1999, the company is now the global market leader with more than 35,000 solar tracking systems installed in 40 countries.

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Caption: DEGERenergie tracking systems installed on a solar farm
Caption: Artur Deger, founder and managing director, DEGERenergie
Caption: Michael Heck, vice president of Marketing and Sales, DEGERenergie

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