PROINSO launches Web tool to enable Network of Qualified Installers to create customized catalogues

Spanish multinational company PROINSO has launched a new online tool that allows its network of qualified installers to create customised catalogues according to the manufacturers datasheet.

With SIGMA Solar, PROINSO qualified installers can create a PDF free of charge and in a very intuitive, fast and flexible way (depending on the needs of the installer) their own catalogues, fully customized with their own logo and images from their own facilities.

The first version of SOLAR SIGMA began working last November in the Italian market and includes 553 PROINSO Qualified Installers. After the success and the great acceptance that the Web tool has experienced, PROINSO has decided to transfer it to their entire world-wide Network of Qualified Installers, which has at the moment a total of 1,311 distributed worldwide; mainly, Germany, France, Greece, Canada and the USA, among many others.

Thus, the tool is adjusted according to the language and characteristics of each market and the products in each market as manufacturers have specific products in some cases. The Installer will have a datasheet from the manufacturers in each language, according to the technical requirements of each market and can fully personalize them.

The product Database used to create the PDF catalogue is constantly updated with the datasheet supplied by the manufacturers in each country.

This product database consists of brands normally distributed by PROINSO, such as TRINA CANADIAN SOLAR and REC in the module section, SMA in the inverter section and MECASOLAR in fixed structures and trackers. In each market it is possible to introduce new brands of complementary products that enable the Qualified Installer to create their own catalogue. Such is the case in France where the French Qualified Installers also have roof installation structures from RENUSOL which PROINSO distributes in France

Five easy steps

Through the PROINSO website (, the Installer can have a fully customised catalogue in just five steps and in less than 40 seconds.

First, the catalogue front cover and back cover are designed with the logo of the Installer and even client data and their corporate image. Personalized photos of the facilities the qualified installer wishes to show can also be added. Then - from a permanently updated data base and for each country, the products are selected that the installer wishes to show in the customized catalogue.

The third step allows the user to add the additional information to the product that the Installer wishes: price, other technical characteristics, stock availability, comments on the product, etc. The user can then insert their own advertisement in the catalogue and, in the fifth and last step; the Installer can download the catalogue in PDF format. This PDF can then be sent to the client.

Competitive advantages for PROINSO and Added value for Qualified Installers

This tool was presented at the last ENERSOLAR 2010 fair in Milan and, from the past month of November, more than 120 qualified installers in Italy are using already it routinely to make customized catalogues.

This provides a clear competitive advantage for PROINSO with respect to its competitors on a global level, since no other distribution company is giving its habitual clients and Qualified Installers, this added value differentiator which they provide for the Network members, regardless of the volume of purchases that they make.

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