Blue Sky Energy Unveils Universal Communication Module

Blue Sky Energy Unveils Universal Communication Module

Vista, California - Blue Sky Energy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) battery charge controllers introduces the Universal Communication Module (UCM) for its Solar BoostTM family of Maximum Power Point Tracking solar charge controllers.

Blue Sky Energy's IPN network based charge controllers coordinate their activities and share resources over the proprietary IPN network. The new UCM provides is a full featured communication bridge or gateway between IPN network based charge controllers and external system, including remote access over the Internet.
According to Melanie Cullen, V.P. of Operations and Marketing, "We are excited to bring the UCM's web enabled capability to the charge controller market place. The UCM is compatible with all of Blue Sky Energy's IPN compatible charge controllers and provides multiple standard communication interfaces including RS-485 Modbus, Ethernet based Modbus/IP, FTP data upload, and a built in web site server. Unlike other web enabled products the UCM's built in web site server allows remote access to all charge controller data and setup parameters over the Internet without a subscription. If an IPN-ProRemote display is present on the IPN network it's full featured battery system monitoring functionality and associated setup become available as well. The UCM also provides 128 days of data logging of key performance parameters which may be downloaded from the UCM's web site."
Blue Sky Energy designs and manufacturers quality MPPT solar charge controllers for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. Product is sold through a variety of dealers and distributors throughout the US, Canada, and renewable energy companies internationally. Contact Blue Sky Energy, Inc. @ 800-493-7877 or visit us on the web at

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