Onsite Waste to energy - Utilizes Gasification (Not Incineration)

Onsite Waste to energy solutions converts trash in the form of paper, wood, plastic, agricultural waste, and food into electricity and heat. Utilizes Gasification (Not Incineration)

OnSite Waste To Energy Solution

Onsite Waste to energy solutions converts trash in the form of paper, wood, plastic, agricultural waste, and food into electricity and heat. The Onsite roll-off dumpster-sized system uses a patent process to provide a highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly means to derive energy value from refuse. If your needs are not met by our Onsite solution, we can provide a customized Waste-To-Energy turnkey solutions on time and on budget. We have a Proprietary solution for the systematic conversion of paper, wood, plastic, food, and biomass into electricity and heat, reducing the need for energy and landfills. The Waste To Energy system utilizes gasification (not incineration) technology to convert waste into distributed and clean energy. The system readily integrates into waste processing streams for institutions, businesses, and the military, and provides a highly efficient and regulatory-friendly means to derive more value from refuse .

The cost for the Waste To Enegy system is only $1.1 Mil and can produce 70 kwp for electricity and 180 kwth for heat/h / hot water while deminising your Waste and Landfill problems

The GEM (Waste To Energy), will produce 1 Megawatt by customizing 14-15 GEM's for a waste to energy plant solution (45 tons of trash per day).

Based on 50% paper, 30% food, 20% plastic waste going into the GEM .

We estimate (conservatively) that the customer will net per GEM in the fleet 70 kwp for electricity and 180 kwth for heat. Energy out is a function of the waste going in, but all waste is not equal. If the waste input changes the kwp and the kwth at the clients site increase or decrease. (The GEM is cap at 3 tons of waste daily)

In contrast to waste-to-energy technologies that produce power by burning wastes to generate steam, Our gasification technology makes syngas that can be efficiently combusted in gas turbines to make clean, low-cost electricity.

We also have an opportunity for qualifying companies to start up their own sales, installation, and service Waste To Energy facilities

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