State-of-the-Art Power Plant Construction on Target for Completion This Summer

MORGANTOWN, W.V., June 6, 2011 – Longview Power (www.longviewpower.com), a state-of-the-art power generation facility currently in the final stages of construction in Maidsville, WV, today announces the plant is generating electricity, the latest in a series of key milestones marking progress toward the start of commercial operations this summer. The facility received its commercial delivery of fuel via conveyor on April 25, 2011 achieved first fire on coal on May 3, 2011, and successfully synchronized to the PJM Interconnection electrical grid for the first time on May 6, 2011.

"For a facility of this size and complexity, the transition from construction to commercial operations is a lengthy process," said Charlie Huguenard, vice president and general manager of Longview Power. "Each milestone we reach places Longview closer to final completion. We look forward to completing our system tuning, performance testing, and commencing sustained commercial operations later this summer."

The Longview plant's peak electrical output has already reached 580 MW of the total 695 MW generating capacity. Testing, tuning, and orchestrating of the plant's 273 sophisticated control systems continues to ensure it meets rigorous performance standards, including the lowest permitted air emission limits imposed by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for a pulverized coal plant to date. Once commercial operations begin this summer, Longview will be the cleanest, most efficient, and most technically advanced coal-fired power plant in the PJM Interconnection region and among the top 0.3 percent most efficient coal plants in the United States.

Hiring for the plant is nearly complete with a full time staff of 96 direct employees and an additional 500 indirect jobs generated in the region. Once operational, the facility is projected to increase state and local revenues by $7.9 million annually, and to grow annual labor income in Monongalia and Preston Counties, and adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, by an estimated $43.0 million.

At a cost of approximately $2.0 billion, Longview Power is the largest privately-funded project in West Virginia state history. The plant is owned by Longview Power, LLC, which is in turn majority-owned by First Reserve Corporation.

About Longview Power
Longview Power is a 695-MW (net) electrical power generating facility currently under construction in Maidsville, West Virginia. The facility employs numerous advanced technologies, emission control systems, and process efficiencies to produce cost-effective power while meeting rigorous environmental standards. Once commercial operations begin in 2011, it will be the most efficient coal plant in the 13-state PJM Interconnection region, one of the highest demand regions in the country, and among the top 0.3 percent most efficient facilities in the United States. Longview provides its host communities with numerous economic and social benefits, including employment opportunities and support of local organizations with direct financial contributions and employee involvement. At a cost of approximately $2.0 billion, Longview Power is the largest privately-funded project in state history. The plant is owned by Longview Power, LLC, which is in turn majority-owned by First Reserve Corporation, the world's leading private investment firm in the energy industry. For more information please visit www.longviewpower.com.

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