Schletter Inc. Selected to Supply Solar PV Mounting Systems for 150 MW Project by Zachry Industrial

Schletter's FS System and Rapid2+ grounding middle clamps to positively impact installation time on this 150 MW project currently being installed.

Schletter©, a well known partner in solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems, was selected by Zachry Industrial to supply racking for a 150 MW solar PV project with material delivery currently in progress.

Schletter's ground mounted FS System™ provides a proven track record with many utility-sized solar installations across the globe. The foundation of the FS System is a pile driven galvanized steel post; the remainder of the materials consisting of lightweight, highly pre-assembled aluminum components. When complete, the mounting systems will consist of nearly 22,000,000 pounds of steel and aluminum. This remarkable 150 MW PV system incorporates Schletter's Rapid2+™ pre-assembled module clamps with an integrated grounding pin (ETL listed), dramatically reducing the module installation time and module grounding costs.

"To be involved in a project of this size with our valued client as the EPC is as rewarding as it gets in this industry," says Ed Grover, Strategic Alliance Manager of Schletter Inc. Mr. Grover goes on to say that "I anticipate nothing but complete success for this project. Schletter is proud to be chosen as a key supply partner for this project."

The mounting system design for this project includes the utilization of proprietary wind tunnel testing for ground mount solar PV systems, performed at a reputable independent testing facility. Exterior and interior rack zones were identified and designed according to the results of this testing. Loads at the single module were investigated by considering the wind shadow effects and their correlation given the direction of the wind. The ultimate result is the minimization of the cost of the mounting structures by considering rack positions within a large solar field.

About Schletter Inc.
Schletter ( has designed, developed and manufactured solar racking projects in the U.S. since 2008 while backed with more than 18 years of solar racking experience from Schletter GmbH. Since opening its manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona Schletter Inc. has delivered more than 400 MW of US-made PV mounting systems. Schletter Inc. offers products for roof mount and ground mount systems for residential, commercial, and utility scale PV systems. Schletter Inc. is an independent subsidiary of Schletter GmbH, which operates subsidiaries in eleven countries with more than 1,500 employees worldwide. For more information about Schletter GmbH, please visit

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