PROINSO goes beyond 1 GW in the supply of modules and inverters around the world

PROINSO has hit the record high of 1,000 MW supplying modules and inverters for PV solar installations around the world. This was accomplished after supplying 1.41 MW in Trina modules and inverters for a Wintersun roof installation in Madrid, Spain.

The record amount strengthens PROINSO's leading position in the sector, with 1 GW supplied, products in all five continents, an International Network of Qualified Installers with 1,743 members around the world, and facilities in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic.

From January to September 2011, PROINSO supplied 197.75 MW –126.47 MW in SMA inverters and 71.28 MW in REC, Trina, and Canadian Solar modules. To this we should add all the modules and inverters delivered since 2005: 654 MW in inverters and 355 MW in module. Total: 1009.75 MW.

This accomplishment was possible thanks to PROINSO's powerful International Network of Qualified Installers, launched two years ago. The network's 1,743 members have actively contributed to increase sales. Since it was launched, the network has grown at a spectacular rate in terms of both the number of installers and the services provided by PROINSO.

The countries with the largest numbers of Qualified Installers belonging to the PROINSO network are Italy (676), the USA (316), Spain (170), Germany (163), Greece (141), France (78), and Great Britain (32). In order to qualify to become a member of the PROINSO network, companies must have at least three years' experience in the sector and a team of engineers and installers capable of designing and carrying out solar projects.

The network has also reached Austria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine. In all these countries PROINSO is now supplying materials.

Among other benefits, Qualified Installers can rely on the PROINSO professional team, including engineers and legal advisors, who can answer their questions or respond to their needs. In addition, they get training on new releases and have access to all PROINSO products in stock. Qualified Installers do not have to buy PROINSO's modules, inverters, trackers, or fixed structures. "This gives them freedom to optimise results and enhance competitiveness," PROINSO sources explain.

PROINSO InternaTional Training School

Since it first launched its International Network of Qualified Installers, PROINSO has made every effort to provide value-added services to network members. The PROINSO SOLAR Training School, for instance, is an innovative international training programme for installers of solar PV energy supported by cooperation agreements with leading and experienced PV energy training centres in Italy (ICIM), England (EcoSkies), Greece (OIKONOMOTEXNIKH), France (Lyce des Mtiers Eugne Montel), Canada (Canadian Solar Institute – CSI), the USA (Solar Energy International – SEI), and Spain (CEFOIM).

PROINSO works with these centres in the development of training programmes and contents for PV installers, contributing specialised technical materials from the best brands (Trina Solar, SMA, MECASOLAR, REC, Canadian Solar, and others). The training provided at the centres PROINSO cooperates with is specialised and official, in accordance with the regulations in force in each country. It has been designed to meet professional needs in the sector.

The PROINSO Solar Training School also includes seminars, conferences and workshops organised with the leading manufacturers in various countries. In these events, training is offered by professionals from PROINSO, manufacturing companies, or the members of the International Network of Qualified Installers, who introduce the latest developments and new technologies.

SIGMA solar is a new online tool for Qualified Installers to create custom catalogues based on manufacturers' datasheets. Finally, in Italy, a loyalty programme –PROINSO PLUS– has been launched. These are some of the additional services offered to Qualified Installers in PROINSO's International Network. The company is planning to extend the network to new markets in 2012.

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