Amonix Systems Power U.S.'s Largest Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

Amonix now powering North America's largest utility-scale CPV power plant, a 5-megawatt facility in Hatch, New Mexico, oned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources, LLC.

Hatch, N.M. – Oct. 19, 2011 – Amonix Inc., the leading designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, is now powering North America's largest utility-scale CPV power plant, a 5-megawatt facility in Hatch, New Mexico. The plant is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, the competitive energy subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NEE) and North America's leading generator of renewable energy from wind and sun.

The Hatch Solar Energy Center generates enough electricity to supply approximately 1,300 homes for El Paso Electric customers per year. The site was built by Blattner Energy Inc, a leading renewable energy contractor in the United States with more than 15,000 operating megawatts to date. El Paso Electric has committed to buying the Center's power for the next 25 years from NextEra under a long-term contract.

This new plant has 84 Amonix 60-kilowatt systems, and is now the country's largest next to the 2-megawatt power plant in Arizona, also powered by Amonix systems. The Center is expected to offset more than 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of planting 3,500 trees every year it operates.

The Hatch Solar Energy Center's Amonix CPV systems incorporate the world's most efficient multijunction solar cells and advanced optics to convert more sunlight into electricity than conventional solar photovoltaic panels. Dual-axis tracking systems maximize energy production throughout the day by allowing the CPV systems to follow the sun.

"The Hatch Solar Energy Center demonstrates all of solar CPV's advantages, from its scale to its reliability to the stability of its underlying technology," said Amonix CEO Brian Robertson. "Hatch has the ideal conditions for solar energy development, and CPV is exactly the right technology to realize its full potential to provide a steady, long-term energy supply without consuming excessive amounts of land and water."

About Blattner Energy

Blattner Energy is an electrical generation contractor that provides engineering, procurement and construction services across the United States to owners and developers in the renewable energy industry. The employees of Blattner Energy and its affiliate, D.H. Blattner & Sons Inc., have built the majority of the largest wind farms in the country, surpassing 15,000 megawatts of installed capacity. Blattner Energy is headquartered in Avon, Minn. For more information, visit

About Amonix
Amonix is the recognized leader in designing and manufacturing concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems that require no water in power production, use land better, and produce more energy per acre than any other solar technology. With the longest track record of real-world CPV deployments in the industry, Amonix is proven to be the best choice for solar power systems in sunny and dry climates. Amonix is headquartered in Seal Beach, CA with a manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit and visit the Amonix blog at

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