Broadview Energy announces the launch of area's first community wind project

Broadview Energy, LLC ("Broadview") announced today the completion of the first phase of project leasing and deployment of met towers, which represents the area's first community wind project.

Broadview Energy, LLC Announces the Launch of the Area's First Community Wind Project

Clovis, NM – (Oct. 20, 2011) – Broadview Energy, LLC ("Broadview") announced today the completion of the first phase of project leasing and deployment of met towers, which represents the area's first community wind project.
The new company spans across the northeastern portion of Curry County, New Mexico as well as western Deaf Smith County, Texas covering about 130 square miles. Because of its size, Broadview has the potential to build over 500 MW's of wind energy through various phases.
Broadview has hit the ground running. To date, the company has signed over 84,000 acres under a wind lease within its footprint and has been acquiring area wind data through its meteorological towers.
Broadview is being developed and managed by National Renewable Solutions, LLC (NRS), out of Minneapolis, MN. NRS utilizes the "Community Model" for each of the company's wind development projects, and currently manages six other wind projects throughout the country, representing over 1,500 MW's in development.
Eva Woods of Grady, NM spoke of NRS, "We felt their unique development model, which focuses on community – not corporate – ownership is the right economic approach to building a wind farm in our area. We are very appreciative of the strong commitment NRS has made to the local ownership model and Broadview. NRS has the experience and capacity to develop this project and we are pleased with the progress."
Patrick Pelstring, the President of NRS said, "Being located within five miles of the planned Tres Amigas project, Broadview has a unique advantage by being able to diversify and expand the market to buy our power. And, most importantly we know the wind blows fast and furious in this area."
The company's next steps will include installing additional meteorological towers within its Texas footprint and continue its discussions with utilities to buy the project's power. Because of its size NRS expects this initiative will be a long-term commitment of five-to-seven years, but hopes to have its first project ready for construction in the next 24-36 months.

About Broadview Energy, LLC: Broadview Energy, LLC is a community-based wind development company located in Curry County, New Mexico and Deaf Smith County, Texas. Broadview's objective is to develop up to 500 MWs or more of wind/renewable energy. Its development commitment is to produce renewable energy projects that are sustainable, generational and environmentally responsible. Its financial commitment is to assure that the financial benefits are shared with local stockholders, area land-owners and the surrounding community. Contact: Paul Stout, Advisory Board Chairman at 575-760-5461

National Renewable Solutions, LLC (NRS): National Renewable Solutions, LLC is a national leader in developing community wind energy projects. NRS forms community wind energy partnerships with property owners, and in many cases, public and private institutions. NRS is affiliated with National Wind, LLC and Patrick Pelstring is an owner and board member at National Wind. During his tenure at the company, National Wind completed development of nearly 300MWs of projects using the community ownership model. NRS currently has approximately 1,500 MWs in development around the country. Contact: Patrick Pelstring at 952-473-7500

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