Deadline approaching for renewable energy payments

Active Sustainable Energy Systems is encouraging householders in the UK to take advantage of a government scheme, offering payments towards purchasing renewable energy systems, before it closes in March next year.

Renewable Heat Premium Payments (RHPP), launched in August 2011, is a short-term scheme providing one-off subsidies to householders to help them buy renewable heating technologies, such as solar thermal panels and heat pumps. Applications can be made through the Energy Saving Trust.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has recently issued statistics predicting that the RHPP scheme will be £4.5million under spent by its closing date in March 2012. DECC has also indicated that it is unlikely that any remaining budget will rollover to the second phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive, meaning that this funding will be lost.

Various levels of funding are available through the RHPP, which are for micro-certification scheme (MCS) accredited products only. Any type of home is eligible for a grant of £300 for solar thermal energy. Homes without mains gas heating can qualify for £850 towards air source heat pumps, £950 towards a biomass boiler or £1250 for ground source heat pumps.

As a pre-requisite, applicants must demonstrate minimum levels of energy efficiency in their homes and may also be asked to monitor the renewable energy system and provide feedback.

Ian Nicol, managing director of Active, is encouraging householders to consider applying for the RHPP scheme: "We are increasingly being told about the benefits of using renewable energy to power our homes. Whilst switching to green energy offers savings in the long-term and vastly improves our carbon footprint, many people are uncertain due to the investment costs. The RHPP's are a fantastic mechanism to help subsidise the cost of moving to the different systems.

"This is a prime opportunity for households to think ahead to the future and make a positive change. There are many solutions available to suit all types of requirements. With the closing date of the scheme fast approaching however, people need to act now to take advantage of these savings.

"Active is an MCS accredited company and has a wealth of experience in reviewing homes to look at where efficiencies and savings can be made. We can design, plan, install and maintain the most basic or advanced solutions for your home," he continued.

Active works with many clients including homeowners, developers, architects and social housing agencies to create the comfortable living and working environments they have envisioned for their properties, using some of the most advanced and efficient technologies available in the world.

The company is one of the only dedicated heat pump installers currently in Scotland able to design, install and maintain every element of this type of heating system, including the heat pump itself, solar panels and under-floor heating or radiators as required.

Award-winning Active Sustainable Energy Systems was founded in 1999 and currently employs 60 people in Aberdeen and Inverness. The company is established as a leading expert in the application of sustainable energy systems for both domestic and commercial properties in the North East of Scotland.

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