New electrical kit meets MSC solar PV test needs

Seaward Solar has expanded its range of specialist test equipment for solar PV installation work with a new kit that provides the complete solution to MCS electrical testing needs.

Seaward Solar has expanded its range of specialist test equipment for solar PV installation work with a new kit that provides the complete solution to MCS electrical testing needs.

The new all inclusive MCS Test Kit from Seaward Solar enables all installers to meet the electrical test requirements of MCS and BS EN 62446 quickly, easily and safely.

Traditionally, PV installers have brought together various test instruments in order to complete the solar system commissioning tests required by MCS.

Now, the new test kit from Seaward makes the choice of system testing equipment much simpler by combining the multi function PV100 electrical tester with the Solar Survey 100 irradiance meter, a clamp meter and supporting accessories.

The rugged and robust PV100 tester is hand held and battery operated for maximum portability. With the push of a single button the required sequence of electrical tests is carried automatically in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding the risk of contact with exposed live DC conductors.

The tester also has inbuilt memory for the storage of up to nine datasets for use in test reports. Voltage and current results are also compared by the tester to check that they are within 5% of each other; another requirement of IEC 62446.

The Solar Survey 100 multifunction irradiance meter is also included in the new MCS kit. This instrument uses a reference cell to make accurate irradiance measurements and also features dual temperature measurement, orientation and inclination measurement.

These special features enable the user to quickly identify the location where maximum levels of solar power can be collected and accurately measure irradiance, roof pitch, orientation and both ambient air and PV module temperature.

Completing the new MCS kit is an AC/DC current clamp, test probes alligator clips, Sunclix and MC4 adaptor leads.

To support this all inclusive test package, also available is a complete range of Seaward Solar inspection test report and certificate documentation packs and the Seaward Solar Cert Elements PC software package for the automatic compilation of all PV test documentation and client system handover packs

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