Now Accepting Nominations for Green IT Council Industry Awards

The Green IT Council is a non-profit community of industry leaders working together to create greener standards in Green computing.

The Green IT Council Awards are an annual Green IT Summit event that celebrates companies who have significantly enhanced the growth and prestige of the energy efficient computing from the desktop to the data center, from hardware to software, from the network to the virtual cloud. The Green IT Council recognizes outstanding leaders at all levels of business, from small to large companies.

To nominate a candidate for the Green IT Council Awards, visit

Awards will be presented for the following categories:

1. Cloud Computing
2. Data Center Innovation
3. Desktop Virtualization
4. Energy Management
5. Hardware
6. Software
7. Telework

Each award is given to the manufacturer and/or solution providers offering best in class solutions, which are innovative and energy efficient. The winners will be selected by the Green IT Board of Advisors in conjunction with industry subject matter experts on Sustainable IT. If you know of a company that qualifies for one of these awards, we urge you to submit your nomination. The nomination period closes February 15, 2012.

Winners will be announced at the Green IT | Cloud Computing 2.0 Summit 2012

Last year over 30 companies and 220 attendees participated in the Green IT Summit. We hope that this year you will take part either as an entrant or attendee. We are expecting hundreds of guests from vendors, distributors and information providers, to attend the summit dinner and awards. The Green IT | Cloud Computing 2.0 2012 represents a unique opportunity to celebrate individual and corporate success, as well as entertain corporate clients, business partners and network with peers. Sponsorship opportunities and dinner tables are available upon request.

About Green IT Council:

The Green IT Council is a non-profit community of industry leaders working together to create greener standards in Green computing.

The purpose of the Green IT Council is as follows:

Educate: To educate IT professionals, managers, and government on the need for and advantages of eco-friendly technology.
Standardize: The council works with leading experts to determine a standard for Eco-friendly technology, and it's true environmental impact.
Promote: Recognize and award companies showing a forward thinking view of technology and its environmental impact.

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