SolarEdge Enhances Its Residential Offering, Introducing a New 2.2kW Inverter at Ecobuild 2012

The flexible design and longer strings enabled by the inverter maximize roof utilization, which is extremely important for residential rooftops.

Ecobuild 2012

HOD HASHARON, Israel--SolarEdge Technologies, a leading global provider of end-to-end solar power optimization systems and monitoring solutions, announced today a new product: a 2.2kW cost effective inverter, expanding the current portfolio of single phase solar inverters, and enhancing the company's offering for residential installations.

The line of SolarEdge inverters now includes a new 2.2kW inverter, adding to the existing 3kW, 3.5kW, 4kW, 5kW and 6kW single phase solar inverters. The cost effective SE2200 inverter provides all the known benefits of a SolarEdge inverter, including up to 25% increased energy yield and superior safety. The flexible design and longer strings enabled by the inverter maximize roof utilization, which is extremely important for residential rooftops.

All SolarEdge inverters are G83/1 compliant. In accordance to the latest changes in grid connection standards in the United Kingdom, SolarEdge has extended its certification, and all SolarEdge three phase inverters as well as the SE4000, SE5000 and SE6000 single phase inverters are also G59/2 compliant.

In addition, SolarEdge has enhanced its warranty coverage. All SolarEdge inverters are provided with a free 12-year standard warranty. Customers may now purchase warranty extension for 25 years.

Join SolarEdge training seminars, at ecobuild, from March 20-21, London, UK and at EnR, from April 3-4, Paris, France. Participants at the SolarEdge training seminars receive a rebate coupon towards a SolarEdge system purchase. For further details, visit the SolarEdge website.

About SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Technologies provides end-to-end distributed solar power optimization and PV monitoring solutions, allowing maximum energy production for faster return on investment. The SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPPT per individual module while monitoring the performance of each module. Moreover, a fixed DC string voltage is maintained, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge PV inverter, which is tailor-made to work with power optimizers. As a result, the SolarEdge system provides optimal power, flexible design and full roof utilization. Module-level and whole-system visibility enhance PV monitoring and maintenance capabilities, and the unique SafeDC™ mechanism shuts down module voltage during installation, maintenance and firefighting for greater safety. SolarEdge is online at

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