PV Project Development Community to Drive Forces towards a Sustainable Industry in India

PV Insider is pleased to announce the launch of PV Project Development Summit India 2012, taking place at the The Leela Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Gurgaon, Delhi on July 30-31.

PV Insider is pleased to announce the launch of PV Project Development Summit India 2012, taking place at the The Leela Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Gurgaon, Delhi on July 30-31.

The photovoltaic industry in India is making headway in the renewable energy landscape at a fast pace, with a constant and stable growth in the amount of PV projects. Recent reports estimate that the objectives of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (20GW by 2020) might be exceeded by approximately 67%, achieving 33.4 GW of PV installed capacity by 2022; while the grid parity is anticipated to be achieved by 2018. However, the market is still young and unsettled, facing various challenges that make it difficult to create a sustainable and localized industry in India.

With an agenda geared towards addressing the challenges of market competitiveness and industry sustainability, for the first time in India, PV Insider will host the PV Project Development Summit 2012 (30-31 July, New Delhi). The conference will focus exclusively in utility-scale project development, gathering over 150 attendees from all parts of the PV value chain in India and abroad.

PV Project Development Summit India 2012 will showcase the most significant PV projects in the country and provide an industry roadmap to market share. Over two days, the summit will focus on how to streamline and optimise PV large scale businesses to increase its competitive advantages and seize the best new opportunities in the Indian market.

Headlining the conference will be a series of detailed case studies, interactive panel sessions and extended industry discussions; providing delegates with the views and expertise from government officials, leading developers, utilities perspectives, international technology experts and members of the entire supply chain in India, all in one place. PV Insider announced that Azure Power, Kiran Energy, Mahindra Solar One, SunEdison and Conergy were amongst the first to join the speaker line-up.

The Director of the Summit, Laura Hernandez of PV Insider outlined her vision for the conference in a recent interview: "The time has now arrived where the PV community in India should take pride in their achievements so far, and formulate a roadmap for future success. Anyone who is serious about the industry should therefore make sure they are in New Delhi this July, when the crucial next step' for the industry will be discussed and taken."

Hernandez also revealed that the official 8 page PDF conference brochure has been released this morning and features all aspects of the event, including the speaker delegation, complete agenda and the latest information on special discounts and group offers. It is available from today onwards, free of charge at the event's website.

To view the brochure of PV Project Development Summit India 2012, visit:


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