The meeco Group joins Solar-Ernte-Technik Ltd (SETL) of the Leal Group to present sun2live at Mauritius largest trade fair

Solar and energy storage solutions by meeco at 2012 edition of "Salon de la Maison"

The largest home and garden trade show in the Republic of Mauritius took place from April 25-29 at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre in Pailles, just 10 minutes away from the capital Port-Louis. Over 120 exhibitors were present during this 5-day trade show and The Swiss-based meeco Group was also present via its local partner Solar-Ernte-Technik LTD (SETL), member of the major regional actor, the Leal Group of companies.

Leading the photovoltaic sector in Mauritius, SETL was actively involved until now in the large utility scale installations. At this year's "Salon de la Maison et du Jardin", SETL introduced a change in its market strategy as Deven Maulloo, General Manager of SETL explains: "Today we offer a more comprehensive renewable energy solutions portfolio including small portable to medium energy storage solutions, designed for residential and small commercial applications". Upon completion of the fair, SETL revealed that a great interest was found in these new solutions.

The highlight of the show for SETL as well as for The meeco Group was the global launch of the new solar photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, sun2liveTM. Two standard models were introduced, the 6 kW/16 kWh (solar PV/energy storage) and respectively the 12kW/32kWh. These solutions use top-tier photovoltaic components along with the latest lithium battery technology such as the lithium ion phosphate systems by Durion GmbH. Completing the product range were also the newly redesigned sun2go portable energy solutions which can now supply 1-2 kWh energy storage, and can be recharged via the grid or using foldable solar modules.

"Since the recent interruption of its Feed-in Tariff program by the local utility CEB, storing renewable energy has become a matter of national importance in Mauritius" says Roland Viard, off-grid Sales Manager for The meeco Group. "There is a huge potential in the installation of combined solar power and energy storage solutions despite the reduced size of the island" adds Viard.

As per the recent announcement made toward end of February this year, SETL and The meeco Group are official partners in the promotion of a renewable energy solutions mix in a market with great solar irradiation conditions throughout the year. The first sun2live residential and small commercial installations in Mauritius are expected to be installed and operational until the end of the year. Furthermore, SETL and meeco plan to install over 10 MW PV capacity on the island by 2015.

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