PV Insider unveil final version of the PV Utility Scale Map of India 2012

Researchers at PV Insider have completed their exclusive PV Utility Scale Map India 2012, the very first map of its kind released in India.

The research team at PV Insider have finalized the first map of its kind for utility scale PV projects in India. The PDF document details the size, location and capacity of all the PV utility scale installations (operational and pre-operational) under the different solar policies in India: Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, state policies, Renewable Energy Certificate, Generation Based Incentive scheme and Migration scheme.

"Due to the extreme interest and positive reaction of over 5,000 people towards the first version of the PV Utility Scale Map India 2012, at PV Insider we decided to prepare a second and final version of the same, carefully including only the most up to date information" says Director Laura Hernandez. "The second version of the map includes the feedback received from the PV community along with the latest developments of the industry; detailing the size, location and capacity of all the PV utility scale plants in the country. As an additional feature, it also includes the total capacity of operational and pre-operational installations under the different solar policies of India" Hernandez added.

The map is free to download, and can be found here:


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