ONEROOF ENERGY CREATES NEW ALLIANCES, marking robust growth and expansion

Newest Builder Alliance with KirE Builders Brings Solar Rooftop Options to Black Canyon Estates in Ramona, Calif.

SAN DIEGO (June 20, 2012) – OneRoof Energy, poised to become one of the nation's premier solar finance providers, has secured nearly 60 new alliances with roofing providers and solar integrators since the company was formed in late 2011. Today, OneRoof Energy announces its first builder alliance to provide solar rooftops for a new country estates development in Ramona, Calif.

"Our mission is to bring simple, affordable solar solutions to homeowners across America, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best leasing, product, and solar warranties available," said OneRoof Energy CEO and President, David Field. "Today, our builder alliance with KirE Builders comes to reality with the installation our first solar home together. This is an exciting occasion for our growth strategy."

The alliance with KirE Builders, Inc. will bring a clean, easy and affordable energy solution to the new Black Canyon Estates development in Ramona, Calif. The agreement allows customers the option to lease solar power systems with little to nothing down through OneRoof Energy's SolarSelect® Lease program. The lease gives customers flexible, affordable options for incorporating clean renewable energy into their home while also avoiding high installation and maintenance costs.

The first solar rooftop installed in the community was completed June 5, 2012. The addition of solar increases the overall value of the homes and has become an attractive component in the real estate market for homeowners.

"At KirE, we are thrilled to be associated with OneRoof Energy. Our commitment to providing our customers with smart, sustainable and energy efficient homes is clearly enhanced with the option to add solar to their new homes," said Josh Santa, president and CEO of KirE Builders, Inc. "A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that homes with a solar system sold 20 percent faster than homes without them. Even in depressed markets, consumers are seeking smarter living solutions and nothing visually brands a home as smart money like a solar array."

OneRoof Energy is continuing its aggressive growth through its channel development and expansion. For more information about simple leasing options, or to explore an alliance with OneRoof Energy, visit

About OneRoof Energy

OneRoof Energy, headquartered in San Diego, Calif., provides simple, affordable solar solutions that people can trust. Through OneRoof Energy's SolarSelect® Lease program, homeowners can lease integrated, aesthetically pleasing solar energy generation systems with an industry-leading, 20-year warranty for as little as zero down, removing the high up-front capital investment and ongoing maintenance. Strategic investors in the company include Hanwha International and Black Coral Capital, and solar lease financing is provided by U.S. Bank. For more information, visit

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