Clenergy earns a 40MW project contract

With oustanding PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B ground mounting system, Clenergy earns the 40MWcontract for a a million-kilowatt PV power station in Jiayuguan, China. Clenergy team work hard to make sure the new plant project in Jiayuguan gets a smooth installation and efficient after-sales service.

A top utility company of China recently launched a million-kilowatt PV power station project in Jiayuguan, China. The 40-megawatt project is now being built with Clenergy's outstanding PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B ground mounting system in conjunction with a well-known PV panel manufacturer in China that is providing framed poly-silicon solar panels for the project.

The PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B ground mounting system is Clenergy's newest product. Its beam and support components are standardized and all of its fasteners are of the same specification, thereby reducing costs without compromising structural integrity. New patented W clamps lock the PV panels firmly in place. The system also includes innovative use of roller-formed C-steel for the rails.

Clenergy's service sets it apart from the pack. The technical team provides professional and efficient support. Each solution is tailor-made according to our client's specific needs and every technical question from our clients is carefully answered. Moreover, Clenergy's Product Management, Project Management and Installation Support teams works hard to make sure the new plant project in Jiayuguan gets a smooth installation and efficient after-sales service.

"Our PV-ezRack mounting systems feature great compatibility and ease of installation," said the Clenergy Technical Manager of this project. "Our service includes a range of selectable installation solutions from which our clients can choose, which is an added feature that distinguishes us from the competitors and helped us to earn the contract."

The client spoke positively about Clenergy's mounting solutions in discussing the deal. "The W clamp possesses appealing aesthetics and provides structural strength, making the panel installation precise and fast. The highly pre-assembled parts also help to improve the installation efficiency and reduce labor costs."

Featured Product

WS510 Secondary Standard

WS510 Secondary Standard

In the monitoring of large photovoltaic (Utility Scale), in assessing potential sites (Solar-assessment), or in up and coming electricity cost saving initiatives projects (Commercial & Industrial), the WS510 now provides the market a secondary standard pyranometer, ultrasonic wind speed, ultrasonic wind direction, temperature, pressure and humidity all in a single unit.. This sensor meets the high demands of the world meteorological organization (WMO) through the active valving at air temperature measurement and the inertia- and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction on the ultrasonic principle. Equipped with a Kipp & Zonen pyranometer of the secondary standards, the WS510-UMB Compact weather sensor from Lufft unites the precision of a variety of meteorological individual sensors in a single all-in-one device, for the first time.