Growth Energy Working with Pump Equipment Manufacturers to Bring Higher Ethanol Blends to Consumers

Retrofit kits for flex pumps will provide consumers with greater choice and savings at the pump

WASHINGTON, DC — With increasing consumer demand for higher blends of ethanol, following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of E15 for commercial sale, several fuel dispensing equipment manufacturers have introduced new products for retailers to modify existing fuel dispensers to accommodate higher ethanol blends. Increased availability of higher ethanol blends will provide Americans with a greater choice and cost savings at the pump.

"The announcement of these new products is a tremendous step forward in bringing higher ethanol blends to consumers who want to both pay less and support the American economy – and family farmer – when fueling up," stated Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy.

This week, Gilbarco Veeder-Root released a pioneering and cost-effective retrofit kit for flex pumps certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). This kit will allow for ethanol blends of up to 25 percent ethanol in several of the pumps used by retailers and fuel dispensers.

Additionally, Davis Airtech recently introduced a new line of Flex Fuel meters, certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures. These meters are capable of fuel blends from E15 all the way to E85. This product is also a great addition to the growing list of innovative products that will allow pump modification on several brands of fuel dispensers.

Commitment to increasing ethanol blends, such as the introduction of these kits, reflects the overwhelming acceptance of higher blends of ethanol as a high octane, high performance alternative to foreign oil. Americans are increasingly eager to use renewable biofuels like ethanol to displace our dependence on oil, which burns dirtier, reducing the quality of our air and lines the pockets of OPEC.

With the recent approval by the EPA, 72 percent of the vehicles on the road today can use E15, and there are over nine million Flex Fuel vehicles that can use blends up to E85. The development of these products exemplifies the growing demand of retailers to offer higher blends of ethanol to their customers. "These products will modify existing pumps at a fraction of the cost of replacing them, bridging the infrastructure challenges of preventing higher blends of ethanol in the marketplace," Buis continued.

"Not only are these products helping displace foreign oil and supporting rural America, they are also promoting a cleaner burning American fuel and an industry that fosters economic growth and energy independence," Buis concluded.

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