Solar Energy Isn't Only the Future -- It's Right Now!

Premiere Solar Energy Tech Training School Offers Out-of-State Applicants Special Opportunities to Learn a New Career in a Rapidly Growing Industry

PHILADELPHIA, July 30, 2012/ -- Infinite Solar, Inc., with classroom and lab facilities located in historic Philadelphia, PA, and Newark, NJ, is attracting utility professionals from all over the United States and Canada to receive innovative hands-on training in advanced solar power technology.

Solar power has been expanding rapidly in the past ten years, growing at an average pace of 40% per year. By 2025, solar power's contribution could grow to 10% of the nation's power needs.

The Solar Foundation estimated that the largest growth in the solar industry will be in occupations in solar installation, including photovoltaic installers, and electricians and roofers with experience in solar installation.

Whether you're an electrician, plumber, roofer or other general contractor, Infinite Solar, Inc. provides its trainees with all the skills and knowledge to build successful careers in solar energy implementation.


No matter where you reside, with Infinite Solar's choices of out-of-state packages you can experience the best solar training in the country.

We offer special 5-day training packages for out-of-state applicants, as well as fully customizable corporate solar training and workshops. For applicants who can't afford to be away that long, interactive online training for select courses is available, which can be applied to our 2-day hands-on solar workshop.

Our students can earn college credits after completing Infinite Solar courses, while their employers get tuition reimbursement tax benefits.

Here are a few more reasons why Infinite Solar, Inc. is the industry leader in solar training in North America:

We provide the most exhaustive and expert instruction in the design, installation, upgrading and maintenance of renewable energy power systems.

We boast the first and only indoor grid-tied PV system on the East Coast.

Our state-of-the-art facility includes an in-house workshop featuring a full-size mock roof to provide the most effective hands-on solar training.

We are among the few solar training providers approved by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

All of our courses are Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) accredited.

Infinite Solar, Inc. takes pride in its ongoing mission to promote renewable energy for a better world, and to train the solar energy professionals to build it.


Infinite Solar, Inc. is the premier solar training and continuing education provider on the East Coast, offering IREC accredited solar panel installation training, solar thermal training, solar sales training, NABCEP exam prep course, custom corporate and online solar training. Infinite Solar's renewable energy training programs and certificate programs provide professionals with practical skills necessary to expand their businesses and succeed in the solar energy market.

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Joyce Dayton Corp - Solar Tracking Jacks Solutions

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