Newest module types and mounting systems part of innovative, customer-focused SPI showcase; MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY now also offering convenient online courses

Visitors can experience the latest additions to MAGE SOLAR's exciting complete system solutions at Booth 3119 from September 11-13 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Dublin (Georgia), August 14, 2012. – MAGE SOLAR is exhibiting its most innovative and attractive product and service portfolio to date at Solar Power International in Orlando. Visitors can experience the latest additions to MAGE SOLAR's exciting complete system solutions at Booth 3119 from September 11-13 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Modules: High-wattages, US-production, AC PV

MAGE SOLAR has introduced special high-wattage versions of its signature premium-efficiency MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules (235 W and 240 W polycrystalline, and 245 W and 250 W monocrystalline). Equipped with their industry-leading positive 5 watt tolerances and distinctive 30-year 80% power guarantee, the new module line will generate more power per square foot than ever. The 240 W polycrystalline module is also available as fully ARRA-compliant US module.

Another highlight is the recent rollout of the MAGE SOLAR AC-PV module with frame-attached microinverter. Like all MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules, the AC-module features the distinctive MAGE SOLAR module performance warranties and guarantees but additionally distinguishes itself from other AC modules by extending the 30-year product warranty to the inverter element as well. The 60 cell polycrystalline AC-module is produced at MAGE SOLAR's North American plant and UL-, CEC- and FSEC-listed, plus ARRA-compliant.

Mounting Systems

Its time-saving and easy to use technology has made MAGE SYSTEMTEC a popular mounting solution for ground mounts and pitched roofs. New at SPI will be Knubix 100, an extremely light-weight, non-penetrating mounting system for large-scale industrial and commercial flat roofs. Its aerodynamic aluminum design is engineered in Germany and TV-certified.


MAGE SOLAR partners with top-of-the-line inverter companies from around the world to offer the most efficient and highest yielding PV system solution for every installation. The newest member to the family of string inverters, power optimizers, and microinverters is SolarBridge which provides the Pantheon II inverter for the MAGE POWERTEC PLUS AC module.

Financial Services

MAGE SOLAR is partnering with several leading financial providers to make sensible financing options available to its customers as part of its turn-key PV-solution portfolio. Customers and end-users have the choice between several different loan and financing options.

Training Services

MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY has continually expanded its course offerings to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for quality PV-training for professionals. On September 17, MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY will roll out part of its curriculum as an online-supported format allowing registered students to conveniently access the academy's familiar in-depth and quality instruction in a convenient and time-efficient manner. More information on schedules, content, and registration will follow before SPI in Orlando.

Featured Product



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