Greensmith now providing distributed energy storage systems to fourteen customers, including eight electric utilities

An innovative storage solution to integrate renewable energy generation and improve grid stability

Greensmith Energy Management Systems, a leader in distributed energy storage control systems continues its growth, now with fourteen customers, including eight electric utilities using the company's field-tested suite of product offerings. By expanding its line-up of energy storage systems, Greensmith reached its largest scale yet in 2011, through the sale of its first MW-sized system. Specifically, a major California utility purchased a 1.5 MWh Greensmith distributed energy storage system (DESS) to address grid congestion issues and integrate utility-scale solar generation.

Greensmith's proprietary control software and Battery Operating System (BOS3) technology enable distributed energy system deployments with centralized operations through an online user portal or via machine-to-machine integration. All of Greensmith's turn-key DESS units include the latest BOS3 communication technology and software. In addition, each DESS unit is configurable, modular, and scalable from residential to commercial to utility scale deployments.

Greensmith units are configurable, modular, and scalable from residential to commercial to utility scale deployments

Greensmith units are often installed alongside distributed grid assets. For example, three Greensmith installations include both smart EV charging stations and rooftop solar photovoltaic load following. Their suite of control and communication software integrates with an entire network of ancillary devices for the smart grid, an evolving system that can change with the smart grid ecosystem.

Battery-agnostic architecture

Greensmith maintains a battery-agnostic architecture which allows the company to offer multiple battery options to its customers today, and new options in the future as battery technologies continue to advance. The company's growth is due, in part, to its ability to design systems around applications, as opposed to competitor approaches which tend to develop capabilities around the functionality of one specific battery. This unique approach allows Greensmith to offer effective solutions to customers as well as a high level of flexibility, with solutions that typically rapidly install and take commands in an installation process of only 3 hours. Its battery-agnosticism also allows Greensmith to keep pace with the rapidly changing battery marketplace as technologies and cost structures change.

"Grid operators now understand that energy storage is more than just batteries and inverters. They realize that intelligent control systems and sophisticated software improve the performance of both new and existing grid assets. What's more, maximizing the benefits of energy storage means having the technology to manage and optimize a distributed, data-rich network. Coupled with our battery-agnostic approach, these capabilities have led to our rapid growth and adoption thus far."
-John Jung, Greensmith CEO-

Rapid growth in 2012

Positive customer testimonials, including referrals and re-orders, underline Greensmith's credibility as a trusted industry leader and technology innovator who understand how to solve complex, grid-congestion issues. The company plans to expand its customer base in 2012, and anticipates an eight-fold increase in sales. With recent orders from customers abroad, Greensmith expects to continue to grow internationally from its base in the US. Greensmith plans to seek additional growth capital to leverage its growing market leadership and fully capture a growing pipeline of exciting projects. The company's existing relationships with multiple OEM battery and inverter manufacturers will ensure availability and selectivity of components throughout this period of expansion.

About Greensmith Energy Management Systems

Greensmith systems control distributed energy storage and its many applications, including renewable integration, EV charging, and ancillary services. With over twenty systems installed since 2008, Greensmith is a rapidly growing leader in utility and end-user solutions. The core product offering in the Greensmith solution is its proprietary Battery Operating System (BOS3) which provides battery monitoring, protection, and controls for deployment in a range of applications. Greensmith distributed energy storage systems are modular and battery agnostic, enabling home-size to utility-size systems with multiple battery manufacturers.

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