MaxWest Environmental Systems Announces Mechanical Completion of Second Generation System

Wastewater Technology Company Creates Clean Energy From Wastewater Residuals

SANFORD, Florida, August 29, 2012 - MaxWest Environmental Systems today

announced the mechanical completion and successful start-up of its second
generation gasification technology, the MaxWest Biosolids Gasification
System. MaxWest is a biosolids management and renewable energy company with
a commercial process to convert wastewater residuals ("biosolids") into
clean energy, creating long-term, sustainable solutions for municipal and
commercial wastewater treatment facilities.

The second generation MaxWest Biosolids Gasification System is a significant
advancement in the Company's technology. MaxWest developed the technology
from concept to commissioning over the past eighteen months at its existing
research & development facility. The upgraded system, now implemented at
MaxWest's Sanford site, employs a proprietary gasifier with an integrated
energy recovery process. The system configuration increases throughput by 40
percent and achieves higher energy conversion rates, both of which provide
further benefits to customers in the form of improved energy generation and
reduced operating costs.

"This new MaxWest design is a significant step forward in terms of thermal
efficiency and reliability of biosolids gasification," said Steve
Winchester, CEO at MaxWest Environmental Systems. "This technology improves
the Sanford facility and provides a strong foundation for future projects
for MaxWest."

MaxWest operates the only commercially-proven, dedicated biosolids
gasification facility in the United States. The facility has served
commercial customers since 2009, processing over 23,000 wet tons of
biosolids. The proprietary biosolids gasification system applies a
thermo-chemical conversion of the wastewater residuals to generate thermal
energy. This renewable energy is then recovered to reduce or eliminate other
energy sources, providing energy savings and biosolids destruction for

The MaxWest Biosolids Gasification System offers a safe, cost-effective and
environmentally friendly alternative to traditional biosolids management
options: incineration, landfill, and land application. The disposal of
biosolids is a growing burden on communities due to stricter permitting
requirements, increased landfill tip fees, volatile energy prices, and high
transportation costs - all of which create cost uncertainty. The MaxWest
technology provides a sustainable and cost-effective biosolids management
option and reduces the inlet volume by over ninety percent.

About MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.
MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. is the industry leader in gasification
systems for the wastewater treatment industry. Based in Sanford, Florida,
MaxWest's experienced management team is deploying a technology that
revolutionizes the method by which municipalities and industry convert their
waste into a resource, by reclaiming the energy contained in the
historically wasted material and using it on-site. MaxWest is pursuing
projects throughout the US and international markets, with a variety of
business models including licensing the MaxWest Biosolids Gasification
System as well as developing facilities that provide biosolids disposal
services under the Design, Build, Own, Operate ("DBOO") model. Additional
information can be found at the Company's website,

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