AEC & its Members to Promote the Use of Aluminum Extrusions at Solar Power International

The aluminum extrusion industry will be united in promoting the use of aluminum extrusions during Solar Power International in Orlando, Florida, September 10-13, 2012. The AEC and three member companies will be exhibiting at the show, sharing the unique design and overall cost advantages of aluminum

The aluminum extrusion industry will be united in promoting the use of aluminum extrusions during Solar Power International at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, September 10-13, 2012. The Council and three member companies will be exhibiting at the show, sharing information and providing design and engineering support to renewable energy customers.

AEC will be exhibiting in booth #864 and will be providing information on total cost of ownership and design information related to aluminum extruded solar structures. A flash drive containing valuable educational presentations will be available at the booth, along with informational flyers outlining the recent independent studies comparing steel and aluminum solar structures. "The studies' conclusions are remarkable, demonstrating how economical aluminum solar structures can be in spite of raw material costs," said AEC Solar Team Chair Craig Werner, President of Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC in Lake Forest, Illinois. Aluminum extrusions offer inherent corrosion resistance, lighter weight for lower shipping costs compared to heavier materials, designer-friendly options for faster and easier on-site assembly, and quick prototype and production times. "All of these advantages really play into aluminum's cost savings compared to steel structures, and the studies prove it," said Werner.

Copies of the studies that were conducted comparing steel to aluminum CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and PV (photovoltaic) solar structures can be downloaded from the AEC website:

Also available at the AEC booth, the 2012 Buyers' Guide provides the contact information, plant locations, and capabilities of all AEC member companies. The guide includes interesting articles covering a variety of market applications for extrusions. The AEC 2012 Buyers' Guide is also available online to view and download at

AEC member companies Futura Industries (booth #2238), Hydro Aluminum Solar Structures (booth #1063), and Sapa Extrusions, Inc. (booth #531) will also be exhibiting at Solar Power International. The companies will be showcasing their unique capabilities and products during the show.

The Aluminum Extruders Council and participating member companies will be available at SPI to inform and educate solar industry professionals regarding the distinctive advantages of extruded aluminum. "Our collective participation at this and other trade shows is part of the Council's effort to promote the aluminum extrusion industry to potential customers," said Werner.

It is the Aluminum Extruders Council's ongoing mission to raise awareness and understanding of aluminum extrusion as a sustainable, practical, cost-effective solution to design challenges. Through its industry promotion efforts, the Council is committed to bringing comprehensive education and information about extrusion's characteristics, applications, environmental benefits, design and technology to the design, engineering and academic communities.

The Council's website at contains a wealth of information and resources for designers, engineers, material specifiers, academics and others. Visitors interested in obtaining news and information regarding the availability of publications and other resources from the Council are encouraged to complete the "Contact Us" form on the AEC website, or email the Council at

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