Diversifying CSP into new and lucrative opportunities

The international CSP community is set to meet this 13–14 November as CSP Today Sevilla returns in its sixth edition.

Bringing this year international delegations from the most promising new markets for CSP, site visits to Gemasolar and Palama del Rio II, the CSP Today International Awards, a targeted CSP exhibition and much more

Whilst Spain has been a strong driving force for the CSP industry worldwide with more than 20 years' experience in research and technology developments, the government support is what have made the development of this technology extremely lucrative in the country. But the approval in 2011 of a royal decree temporarily suspending all economic incentives for renewable sources, has shaken the CSP industry to the core.

Furthermore, the global economic downturn and the lower prices of PV and natural gas have not made 2012 an easy year for the Concentrated Solar Thermal industry worldwide. But despite the challenging times and the need for the sector to re-define its strategy to become a true contender in the global energy generation mix, the opportunities continue to flourish around the globe.

Technical and R&D efforts are increasing the commercial viability of this technology, while capital costs have begun to reduce considerably through real economies of scale. With its unique dispatchablity, CSP is also taking the solar market by storm internationally with the industry quickly expanding to new markets like South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and more. Finally, CSP and biomass hybrids are already powering towards competitiveness offering the lucrative opportunity of maximizing the output while drastically reducing the costs of deployment.

For that reason, the 6th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit (CSP Today Sevilla 2012) has a special focus on industry diversification, new technologies and lucrative new markets. The summit, widely known as CSP Today Seville will take place on the 13th - 14th of November in Seville, Spain.

One of the main features for 2012 is the "The Internationalisation of CSP" a session entirely dedicated to the most lucrative new markets for CSP, where delegates will meet and hear from three critical groups of people, key to develop CSP projects: the international CSP developers, the local companies and regulators and the financiers and investors in: South Africa, India, Chile, Morocco and Namibia.

Additionally industry veterans such as Valeriano Ruiz, Luis Crespo, Michael Geyer, José Alfonso Nebrera, Eduardo Zarza, Nikolaus Benz, Florian Klein and Santiago Arias will take part in the interactive discussions; along with leading CSP companies including: Acciona, Abengoa, ACS Cobra, Schott, Torresol Energy, ESTELA, CIEMAT, CENER, DLR and the Energy Unit of the European Commission.

More information about the speaker line-up, event's agenda, site visits and CSP Today Awards 2012 can be found in the conference brochure, which is available to download at: [www.csptoday.com/csp/conference-event-brochure.php]

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