CSP's growth directly connected to the industry's diversification

A recent CSP Today webinar exclusively focused on the diversification opportunities for the CSP industry revealed the present situation of CSP and the action plan to be followed by the sector to grow despite adversity

The global economic downturn, the lower prices of PV and natural gas and the approval of a royal decree suspending all incentives for renewable energy sources in Spain; have created a great deal of uncertainty among the global CSP community. Even more, when the high capital cost of CSP is the main reason why the industry still needs further incentives to become economically feasible.

However, these market conditions have forced the sector to react to change and look into new ways of keeping the industry alive and growing despite the challenging times. And, while becoming a strong contender in the global energy mix might look far ahead for the Concentrated Solar Thermal community, there are still many opportunities available that will only materialize through the diversification of the sector into new markets, applications and effective innovation to reduce execution costs.

These subjects were recently analysed in a complimentary webinar entitled Diversification of CSP: Paving the way for new opportunities in 2012' hosted by CSP Today. During the 60 minute session, Ayanda Nakedi, Renewable Energy Director from Eskom, Jos Manuel Nieto, Thermo Electrical Director from Acciona Energy and Belen Gallego, Founder & CEO of CSP Today; discussed the feasibility and opportunities for CSP to diversify into new markets, technologies and applications.

Participants and speakers also examined other potential strategies to diversify through some industry polls and a live Q&A session.

The proceedings of the webinar can be viewed in full at no cost, by following the link:

Diversification of CSP: Paving the way for new opportunities in 2012' was organised by CSP Today as part of CSP Today Sevilla 2012 (13-14 November, Seville).

For more information about CSP Today Sevilla 2012, please visit: http://www.csptoday.com/csp/index.php

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