Chilean Ministry of Energy joins CSP Today Sevilla 2012

As CSP Today Sevilla 2012 continues to expand, CSP Today is delighted to announce that the Chilean Ministry of Energy has officially confirmed its participation as part of the international delegation representing the Chilean CSP market, at the premier International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power.

...That promises to set the industry strategy to CSP diversification in 2013.

There are many factors that points Chile in the right direction to become a leading market for CSP in the near future. The country possesses one of the highest solar radiation levels of the world, with an excellent location for CSP projects in the Atacama Desert and a high demand of electricity by the mining industry. Additionally, a localized value chain for storage fluids could easily be developed, being Chile one of the largest producers of nitrate salts worldwide.

The latest indicator that the nation is taking CSP seriously came last month, when the Ministry of Energy received the approval of an investment plan for Non-Conventional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency by the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) along with the Inter-American Development Bank; to put in action the National Energy Strategy 2013-2020 set by the government.

In its first phase, the investment plan will offer the private sector a soft loan of $ 66.12 million, to support a competition that prepares the Ministry of Energy for the development of a CSP installation of at least 10 MW, that will operate during the hours with no direct sunlight; reducing the dependence on imported fossil fuels and helping to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases, which cause climate change.

With the market for CSP abroad rapidly expanding, CSP Today Sevilla 2012 (13-14 November) has designed The Internationalization of CSP'; an entire session dedicated to provide the latest information about the most promising emerging markets for CSP, from international delegations formed by local players, regulators and developers of each of those markets, including the local know-how, investment, market conditions, curve of demand, regulations and incentives.

Chile will be one of the international delegations participating, due to the exceptional potential that places the country as a promising emerging market for the CSP development internationally. The confirmed representatives from this delegation on stage this November will be Carlos Barra, Renewable Energy Unit Director from the Ministry of Energy, Tatiana Molina, Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Daniel Salazar, Executive Director from the Northern Interconnected System. Joining them will be delegations from South Africa, India and Morocco.

More information about the Chilean Ministry of Energy and the complete list of international delegations speaking at the summit, can be found in the conference brochure which is complimentary and available to download at: []

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