SPG Solar to Complete 10MW of All Weather SunSeeker® Tracker Projects in Second Half of 2012

— First All-Weather SunSeeker Tracker Installation Goes Live in the City of Williams — — Initial Project Estimated to Save $1.4M in Energy Costs —

NOVATO, Calif. – October 23, 2012 — – SPG Solar, a leading provider of commercial solar power products and services, today announced the completion of a cutting-edge solar tracking system at the Williams Wastewater Treatment Plant in Williams, Calif. The first of 10MW of All Weather SunSeeker Tracker projects slated for completion in the second half of 2012, this installation is expected to provide the City of Williams an energy cost savings of approximately $1.4 million over the next 20 years.

The system utilizes SPG Solar's latest-generation All Weather SunSeeker tracker, a single-axis offering that directs panels to follow the trajectory of sun through the course of the day to maximize exposure to sunlight. The new system will generate over 522,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually – equivalent to producing enough electricity to power roughly 50 average American homes for one year. The city will use the energy it produces to offset the wastewater treatment plant's demand on the grid.

"The switch to solar has allowed us to fulfill our goal of bringing clean, renewable energy to our community in a way that will actually save the city money," said Rex Greenbaum, Finance Officer for the City of Williams. "By partnering with SPG Solar, we were able to install cutting-edge solar technology without any upfront capital outlay. Knowing that we're saving money by locking in predictable electricity rates is very reassuring to everyone in the community, especially when there's no negative impact on our current operating budget. Any way you look at this project, it just makes sense."
According to Dylan Dupre, Vice President of Business Development at SPG Solar, "Making solar an affordable solution for cities and municipalities allows them to better plan for the future. By bringing together the right partners and financing options, SPG Solar is working hard to make solar an economical solution that can benefit communities across California and Arizona."
The solar power system in the City of Williams was made possible through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) arranged by SPG Solar. The SPG Solar PPA is structured with no upfront capital costs to the district and incentives for the system are being provided by the local utility, PG&E.

About SPG Solar
SPG Solar is a leading national provider of solar power services and products. Since 2001, SPG Solar has been designing, engineering, building and maintaining high-quality solar power systems for large commercial, industrial, governmental and public energy users. SPG Solar provides customers solar at a lower cost with a higher solar output through the All Weather SunSeeker Tracker, a single-axis tracker that produces up to 25 percent more solar energy in all weather conditions. For more information about SPG Solar, visit www.spgsolar.com

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