Chinese and Namibian delegations join CSP Today Sevilla 2012

As CSP Today Sevilla 2012 continues to expand, CSP Today is delighted to confirm the participation of China and Namibia as part of the international delegations representing the most lucrative emerging markets for CSP at present; at the premier International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power event th

China's developing economy has meant that there has been a massive increase in demand for energy. With an additional 1,300GW required, CSP in China is certain to receive interest from investors. Although China's DNI rating is low compared to other countries, it does have a suitable area of 900,000 km squared for the development of this technology, giving it the potential to generate 51,000 TWh per year.

And although the Chinese government has provided no definite policy for CSP in China, the recently announced "12th Five Year Plan" has set a target that renewable energy will make up 11.6% of the country's energy supply by 2015 and 15% of the total energy consumption by 2020. Of this, CSP is expected to contribute 1000MW of energy by 2015 and 3000MW by 2020.

On the other hand, CSP's dispatchability and the possibility it offers to lowering the LCOE through storage, promises to secure a role for this technology in Namibia's energy mix in the near future. Geographically, suitable soils are found throughout Namibia; with abundant DNI levels, clear skies and moderate temperatures. The private sector participation in power generation is encouraged through the IPP framework, supporting the CSP development to pave the way for further projects. Additionally, the country imports up to 60% of the electricity demand mostly from Southern African Power Pool member states; which makes the security of supply somewhat unstable.

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities of deploying CSP technology in these countries, CSP Today Sevilla (13-14 November) has designed ‘The Internationalization of CSP'; an entire session dedicated to provide the latest information about the most promising emerging markets for CSP, from international delegations formed by local players, regulators and developers of each of those markets, including the local know-how, investment, market conditions, curve of demand, regulations and incentives.

China and Namibia will be among the latest international delegations confirmed to participate in the summit, along with South Africa, Chile, India and Morocco. All these countries offer at present, an exceptional potential as lucrative new markets for the CSP development internationally. Some of the confirmed representatives from these delegations on stage include: China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd, Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy, Eskom (South Africa), Chilean Ministry of Energy, Masen from Morocco, Godawari Green Energy from India, and many more.

More information about the complete list of international delegations speaking at the summit, timed agenda and list of confirmed attendees can be found in the conference brochure which is complimentary and available to download at:

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