Training recognition ceremony for AEE energy engineers in South Africa

AEE was the first organization to pioneer energy certification programs and its recognition and credibility has evolved throughout the world to encompass 89 countries that acknowledge its certification programmes

A total of 226 delegates went through the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) training in 2012 with the AEE's sole training provider for the Southern African region, the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF), the training division of Energy Cybernetics, energy optimisation engineering company.

During the EnTF's AEE Certification recognition evening in November 2012 at Emperors Palace in Gauteng, Prof LJ Grobler, President of the AEE's local chapter the SAEE, welcomed the latest South African professionals to the distinguished group of individuals that are certified internationally. Grobler said, "After an intensive week-long training session and a gruelling 4-hour open book examination you have no doubt earned the respect of your fellow energy engineering professionals that have been through the same processes to attain certification." Not only is a 70% pass mark required for the certification examination, but experiential background within the industry needs to be attained and maintained.

The AEE was the first organization to pioneer energy certification programs and its recognition and credibility has evolved throughout the world to encompass 89 countries that acknowledge its certification programmes. During the last year Australia has joined the long list of countries and started training for AEE Certification. In Southern Africa, the EnTF has made significant inroads already and has trained over 1,700 delegates during the past decade.

The AEE's flagship Certification programme is the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®). No other organization can match the AEE CEM® credential. Here's why AEE certifications are used throughout business and government:

Only organization implementing energy certification programs for 35 years
Only organization that has certified 10,000 CEM®
Only organization that has certified over 22,000 professionals in specialty energy areas

For optimal control all AEE certified professionals' qualifications and eligibility can be confirmed by logging onto the AEE's website:

In Southern Africa the EnTF offers the AEE's CEM® and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) training, and facilitates the professionals that qualify with the application process for certification registration and renewal of certification. CMVP® was developed by the AEE and the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO) and is presented in South Africa by the EnTF as the required training to credibly and transparently report on energy savings according to International M&V Protocolswhich is a requirement with many incentive and financial provider organisations to ensure that the savings claimed, are in fact the savings gained.

Due to popular demand, EnTF is taking its training to various major cities in the region during 2013 including Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Cape Town with the bulk of the training in Johannesburg.

Dates for these courses can be found on the EnTF website at All courses are CPD credited for Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) registration purposes.

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