Schletter and STÖHR + SAUER work together to create PV Groundbreaker, an on-line tool for estimating peak power generation of a ground mount PV array in minutes.

Schletter©, a worldwide leader in photovoltaic mounting systems, releases PV Groundbreaker; a free application for feasibility planning of solar ground mount projects. The creators of Helios 3D, STÖHR + SAUER, have partnered with Schletter to design a revolutionary software that enables users to plan a future solar field on any area of land by utilizing Google Maps & Helios 3D technology.

PV Groundbreaker will assist project planners in simulating the peak power of solar fields. First, the user enters a location for the future solar field. The software then allows the user to visually map out the land available for the solar array. After entering in project specifics, such as racking layout and module information, the application fills in the area with the maximum amount of solar racks.

PV Groundbreaker takes into account the tilt angle of the rack, field offset, project location, and row shading distance in order to optimize the arrays within the designated space. In addition to supplying peak power estimation, the application also generates an estimate of total rack and module count for the project, making it easy for a developer to calculate project costs. The application has other easy-to-use features such as the ability to save, print, and email project specifics as well as the option to enter in project data for user reference.

About Schletter Inc.
Schletter (www.schletter.us) has designed, developed, and manufactured solar mounting products in the U.S. since 2008, while backed with more than 19-years of solar mounting experience from Schletter GmbH. Since opening its United States facility in Tucson, Arizona Schletter Inc. has manufactured more than 800 MW of installed PV mounting systems. Schletter Inc. offers products for roof mount and ground mount systems for residential, commercial, and utility scale photovoltaic systems. Schletter Inc. is an independent subsidiary of Schletter GmbH, which operates subsidiaries in eleven countries with more than 1,800 employees worldwide. For more information on Schletter GmbH, please visit www.schletter.de.

STÖHR + SAUER is a German based CAD system house with over 20 years of experience in the development of vertical CAD applications. With HELIOS 3D, the company developed a cutting edge program that nearly establishes as a standard for fast and secure planning of solar parks. Please visit www.helios3d.com.

Featured Product

GreenFasten™ solar panel roof mount hardware, watertight, USA made

GreenFasten™ solar panel roof mount hardware, watertight, USA made

The GreenFasten™ - GF1 system utilizes the patented watertight technology EcoFasten Solar® is known for. The flashing is fit with our EPDM rubber bushing and when used with a compatible EcoFasten Solar compression bracket (milled with countersink), a watertight seal is created, which protects the integrity of the roof. Requiring just a single fastener (lag bolt or self-drilling), GreenFasten provides the fastest install in the industry and will not void roofing manufacturer's warranties. Backed by IAPMO certification, GreenFasten delivers a mounting solution for all new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle roofs, and is the most cost-effective solution available. Like all of the solar roof mount solutions in our line of products, GreenFasten is made in the USA using recycled materials.