PM&E Inc. Targets Emerging Vast Asian Solar Power Generation Markets

South-East Asia may become one of the major markets for its solar power panels in the near future.

TORONTO, Jan. 24, 2013 - PM&E, Inc. (OTC Pink:PMEA)

announced today that it has started negotiations with energy-generation
related companies in several overseas markets, in particular, South-East
Asia with the purpose of launch of production, commercial marketing and
distribution of its advanced solar power generation panels. With over 3
billion consumers of electrical power in the region looking for the most
efficient means of energy-generation and consistently predictable amounts of
sunshine-filled calendar days the company anticipates that South-East Asia
may become one of the major markets for its solar power panels in the near

PMEA's wholly owned subsidiary Suncetix Inc. has reported that company's CEO
Mr. Jack Merck has recently held meetings with President of Valu Trading,
Inc. Mr. Hui Kim. Valu Trading, Inc. is a Hong Kong-based trading company
advising on commodities sourcing and technology licensing to several major
South Korean and Japanese firms and the Government of Vietnam. The meeting
was organized as per request of Mr. Merck in order to discuss possible
licensing of the Company's flagship GEN 4 MPVS solar power generation panels
to the commercial and individual consumers in the variety of Asian markets.
Mr. Kim was presented an overview of the underlying technology and historic
perspective on the development of the Company's products and updated on the
major milestones, including recent successful per-launch tests. The focus of
the Company's presentation was on the cost-efficiency of production and the
significant competitive advantages of GEN 4 MPVS compared to the
conventional flat panels. As the result it is anticipated that the Company
and Valu Trading, Inc. may enter into a long-term licensing agreement
whereby the Company's products will be acquired by multiple large commercial
clients and introduced to the retail distribution networks in the region.
"We are delighted to have opened the door for our products into the South
Korean and other Asian markets and are satisfied with the level of interest
to enter into a comprehensive licensing deal in a near future expressed by
Mr. Kim and his expert associates," stated Jack Merck, the CEO of the
Company. He added "Valu Trading Inc., which is a privately held corporation
with a head office in Hong Kong, is engaged in commodity sourcing, such as
coal, silicone and structural steel, with annual sales of $US120-$US150
Million is not a novice to the energy markets: the company has a licensing
arm, providing technology licensing services and OEM manufacturing services.
Among most notable clients of Valu Trading, Inc. are such South Korean
companies as KMH, POSCO, as well as the Government of Vietnam. We anticipate
the agreement with Valu Trading, Inc. to be the first in the series of
non-exclusive licensing deals, which may put our products into commercial
exploitation in various lucrative markets in the foreseeable future."

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