New business models and technology to change the face of CPV in 2013 and beyond

CSDR-A brand new CPV systems manufacturer has taken a new financial approach to CPV which, if successful, could disrupt the CPV landscape and force major change amongst well established systems manufacturers. CSDR is sponsoring CPV International 2013 next March in Madrid.

London, January 18th 2013

Having spent 5 years in development and testing, CSDR is currently constructing its manufacturing facilities. With an initial 300MW/p output capacity, this will later increase to 900MW/p. CSDR are an unusual company as they already have Hannover RE insurance. However the key element of their business which could disrupt the landscape is that that they'll install and run their system for 30 days (free) to prove its reliability.

Providing a system without incurring upfront costs to the customer or requiring additional funding is a bold strategy and it could give CSDR a substantial competitive advantage against which other competitors lacking solid financial backing may struggle to compete with. CSDR makes no secret of its collaboration with companies such as Spectrolab, Reflexite, Schneider Electric and Ortec establishing a lengthy and well-established scientific heritage. With a claim of trackers precise to 0.1 degrees it may be that their proprietary tracking technology also gives them the technological edge over others.

CSDR's lower system costs also come from rigorous testing and automation. Similar to CSDR, US cell and module manufacturing company Semprius claims to be able to cut costs through innovative manufacturing procedures. Whilst these topics have had less public debate, they are a key area for cost saving. Ignacio Luque Heredia notes that "Added to this lower investment ticket, much of the tracker manufacturing and module assembly can be done close to the market, thus avoiding shipping steel and packed air, but what's more important, promoting industrial development close to the market. That being said the disaggregation of production to areas nearer to site is not something which has been noticed yet.

CSDR will be launching their new CPV system with precision tracking at CPV International 2013 (21-22Madrid) to share the thinking and the science behind their companies. With a 30 year guarantee and substantial funding their manufacturing and commercial strategies are a must-attend for anyone operated in CPV.

At CPV International 2013 (21-22 Madrid) CSDR will be speaking alongside Semprius, Solfocus, Suntrix, K.A. CARE,MIGA and Munich RE and over 25 other global experts and CPV industry leaders.

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