Two More Turbines Join Certified Ranks

Evance R9000, Eveready Kestrel e400nb join Skystream 3.7 and Bergey Excel 10 in reaching full SWCC certification, four others provisionally certified

Clifton Park, NY - The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has issued two new full certifications and consumer labels to the Evance R9000 and the Kestrel e400nb. Along with recent certification renewals of the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 and the Bergey Excel 10, four turbine models are now fully certified through SWCC to the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard.

"With more agencies requiring certification for eligibility for state and federal incentives, it's a big boost for the small wind industry to see two more turbine models reach full certification," SWCC Executive Director Larry Sherwood said. "In the upcoming year, we expect to confirm certification milestones and grant certification for even more small and medium turbine models."

Four other small wind turbine models have achieved major milestones along the certification path. SWCC has approved a Limited Power Performance (LPP) certification for the Endurance S-343, and has granted Conditional Temporary Certification for the Gaia GW 133 - 11kW, the Kingspan Renewables KW6, and the Xzeres 442SR based on review of their certifications from the UK's Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

The optional SWCC Limited Power Performance certification is an intermediary step for small wind turbine models that have completed power performance testing in accordance with SWCC and AWEA Standard requirements. LPP certified models have 18 months after receiving LPP certification to complete full SWCC certification. Conditionally certified and LPP certified turbines must meet additional requirements of the AWEA Standard and submit a full application package to SWCC for evaluation as described in the SWCC Certification Policy before receiving full SWCC certification.

The Bergey Windpower Excel 10 and the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 were the first two turbines certified and received consumer labels through SWCC in 2011, and both have renewed their SWCC certifications for another year. The consumer labels for each certified turbine show the Rated Annual Energy, the Rated Sound Level and Rated Power. SWCC Summary Reports provide each turbine's respective tabulated power curve and acoustic data, tower design requirements, and confirm that each meets all the AWEA Standard's requirements on durability, mechanical strength, safety and function.

Six additional turbines are currently collecting data at their respective testing sites, with several others in the process of taking steps towards certification. SWCC has received 43 notices of intent to pursue certification since its inception. "As more turbine models are certified, consumers are gaining more confidence in the small wind industry," Sherwood said. "Certification is helping to expand the small wind market, and ensuring its growth for the future."

SWCC certification is an independent confirmation that a small wind turbine has been tested and designed according to the requirements of the AWEA Standard. SWCC updates the application status table on its website as milestones are reached. Consumer labels, ratings and summary reports for SWCC certified turbine models, including tabulated power curves, acoustic data, and tower design requirements, along with a complete list of SWCC pending applicant turbine models, are available at

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