New Edition of International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV)

Latest edition will be released next week at the 7th PV Fab Managers Forum in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany - March 5, 2013 — The new edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV) will be presented and published at the annual technology event PV Fab Managers Forum in Berlinorganized by SEMI PV Group. The global footprint of the contributors (Bosch Solar, Cel Celis, Hanwha Q.Cells, Hareon Solar, JA Solar, LDK, Motech, MPO Energy, Pillar, PV Silicon, REC Silicon, Schott Solar, Solarworld, Solon, Sunways) ensures accuracy and reliability of the technical parameters.

The new ITRPV edition focuses on:

*Materials (e.g. n-type, p-type, mono-like vs. high-performing mc-Si),

*Technologies that enable new products such as glass-to-glass modules, bi-facial modules,

*Analysis of PV systems is added in the new edition giving an insight into the cost structure (from module, inverter, wiring, mounting and ground) of systems in different countries.

Mr. Liu Yong, CTO of JA Solar, and Dr. Guoqiang Xing, CTO of Hareon Solar from China, assumed the position as co-chairs of the ITRPV steering committee. Liu Yong said: "As I am coming from the semiconductor industry, roadmaps and standards are very common and especially useful tools. It was a surprise to me to see that the PV industry players tried such a long time to work independently and did not join such an initiative. JA Solar contributes to the roadmap — we are convinced that the PV industry needs to jointly develop a technical roadmap to determine and control the path of the technology." With the leading manufacturers involved in this initiative, Guoqiang Xing stated, that "we can ensure that the described technology trends and forecasts are accurate and represent the real issues in manufacturing. Also, the annual update guarantees self-regulation of the parameters that are published."

Dr. Stein Julsrud, vice president for R&D at REC Silicon and a new ITRPV co-chair, commented: "As a polysilicon supplier, it is very important for us to interact, understand the present and future needs and also receive feedback from our customers. A global initiative like the ITRPV, steered by an experienced industry body as SEMI, should be a very fruitful engagement for everyone. We hope that more silicon suppliers will join this effort for an industry-wide alignment so we can ensure a more cohesive global PV manufacturing supply chain."

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