The Southeast Asia Nuclear Industry Congress 2013: The Demands for Nuclear Power in Indonesia Co

The Southeast Asia Nuclear Industry Congress, which will be held on September 25th – 26th, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

The Southeast Asia Nuclear Industry Congress, which will be held on September 25th – 26th, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. The main motivation behind this congress is to provide a vital platform for all nuclear energy players to know about the prospects of the regional market and learn from each other to joint develop the Southeast Asian nuclear power industry.

Up to now, there are more than 440 nuclear power plants operating in 31 countries, generating 14% of the world's electricity. IAEA predicts that this proportion will at least up to 25% in 2030, with 90 new nuclear power plants coming on stream. Over 60 reactors are under construction in 13countires while about 160 reactors are planed and over 320 are proposed.

Among the countries that are under serious consideration to develop nuclear power, Southeast Asia countries are increasing its lead in emerging market. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam are planning to build nuclear power plants in the next decade and others in Southeast Asia hope to follow them.

Vietnam announced that there will be 13 nuclear plants in over 20 years with total capacity of 16,000 MWe. 2000 MWe nuclear power plant should be on line by 2020 and 8000 MWe nuclear by 2025. Indonesian government has earmarked $8 billion for four nuclear plants of total 6 GWe
to be in operation by 2025, and aimed to meet 2% of power demand from nuclear by 2017. Malaysia is looking to build two 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plants by 2022. In Thailand's new Power Development Plan 2010-30 which was approved in 2010, the construction of 5000 MWe of
nuclear generating capacity was envisaged, with 1000 MWe units starting up over 2020-28. The first power plant will be internally financed. The Philippines has a plan to refurbish Bataan-1, which was never being operated since 1984. This refurbishment is estimated to cost $800 million to $1 billion. Also in its 2008 update of the national energy plan, 600 MWe was projected on line in 2025 with further 600 MWe increments in 2027, 2030 and 2034 to give 2400 MWe.

Therefore, the congress in Southeast Asia will offer you a comprehensive coverage of the nuclear energy market with fresh project updates and various case studies. Meanwhile, for those who are keen to find new investment opportunities or strengthen their presence in this market, this
2-day congress will provide plenty of opportunities to meet your future partners.

The leaders from the world's most innovative initiatives and high technologies are here to share their vision and experience, shaping the future of this regional nuclear city. None the less this event will provide you an excellent opportunity to meet your peers and exchange ideas on the cutting-edge technologies and absorb experiences from present projects, accelerate the steps of the planned projects. This event will provide reference on your business processes and investment strategies.

About the Southeast Asia Nuclear Industry Congress 2013
The inaugural Nuclear Industry Congress Southeast Asia will be held on September 25th – 26th, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. This year's conference, themed "Prospect and Promote the Development of Nuclear Power Industry in Southeast Asia", intends to highlight the prospect of Southeast Asia in global market, strives to provide meaningful coverage on current developing strategy.

Conference Main Topics
Vietnam's way to nuclear energy
Status of Nuclear Energy Project in Thailand
Nuclear Infrastructure Development in Indonesia
Trends and challenges in nuclear safety, security and safeguards
Nuclear Industry Estate In East Kalimantan - Status Update
Potential Economic Returns of Nuclear Power in the Global Electricity Context
Education and training for nuclear power industry personnel
Financing opportunities for Southeast Asian power projects

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