Power & Electricity World Asia 2013 exhibition is the most influential and the largest power and electricity event in the Asia Pacific region.

Novazzano, April 18th 2013 – Paradox Engineering SA, the Swiss hi-tech company specialized in advanced solutions for Smart Cities, industrial wireless sensor networks and global virtual networks, has been awarded as the Most Influential Clean Energy Advocate within the Power & Electricity World Asia 2013 exhibition which ended today in Singapore. Power & Electricity World Asia 2013 exhibition is the most influential and the largest power and electricity event in the Asia Pacific region since 15 years, and gathers C-Level executives from governments, power and utility companies, energy suppliers, industry associations and service providers to discuss development, investment and partnership opportunities in Asia.

Now at their 4th edition, Annual Asia Power & Electricity Awards are designed to celebrate and honour the contribution from individuals and organizations toward the growth of the power, energy, utilities sector in Asia Pacific.

"We are proud of this award that validates once more our vision and approach to clean tech for Smart Cities. It endorses Paradox Engineering's comprehensive understanding of current and upcoming market challenges and needs," said Gianni Minetti, President and CEO of Paradox Engineering, "and how we translate it into our forward-looking open standard and future proof multipurpose technology solutions which are the ideal pillar for any Smart City initiatives, as they help Cities improve their liveability, sustainability and economy."

Indeed, energy-efficiency imperatives, legislative pressures and environmental treaties are changing the way cities and boroughs think about utilities, and municipalities are increasingly looking for dynamic, smart solution to easily optimize public services. By pioneering Internet of Things ready state of the art wireless sensor network technologies providing native interoperability, such as PE.AMI, Paradox Engineering enables Cities to build integrated network communication platforms serving multiple urban applications. Applications such as streetlight management, Smart Metering for gas, water and electricity, EV chargers management, traffic management are just some of the applications PE.AMI is already supporting throughout multiple projects in the world.

Within the broader Power & Electricity World Asia 2013 exhibition, Paradox Engineering has also been invited to speak at the 4th Annual Clean Technology Investment World Asia 2013, a strategic platform to meet cleantech innovators and to discuss partnerships and opportunities. Gianni Minetti brought his vision about a showcase of best strategies by cleantech companies on how to grow cleantech companies from start up to growth to late stage.

About Paradox Engineering SA

Paradox Engineering SA is a highly dynamic company that pioneers technologies to enable customers unlocking the value of their data. Urban and industrial wireless sensor networks and global virtual networks are key components of Paradox Engineering's solution portfolio for any company implementing Smart City, smart grid, smart metering, energy management, condition and remote monitoring, industrial process monitoring, engineering and telemetry projects. Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering acts as a one stop shop' provider of turn key solutions and technologies on a truly global scale through a consolidated network of strategic partners.

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