Solar Universe Enters International Market and Debuts First Franchise in Puerto Rico

The leading U.S. solar company opens its doors in Puerto Rico, offering a critical energy solution for the economically emergent island

SAN FRANCISCO--Solar Universe (, the leader in solar franchising, announced today the opening of its first international franchise in Puerto Rico by local entrepreneurs, Luz and William Rodriguez. With energy production recognized as one of the island's biggest impediments to economic growth, the introduction of the solar energy franchise is a substantial prospect for home owners in Puerto Rico. This office brings Solar Universe's network of locally owned and operated install franchises to a more global market.

"We are thrilled to bring the Solar Universe process to Puerto Rico to provide the community with a safe and trustworthy option for solar at an affordable price point," said William Rodriguez, co-owner of the Puerto Rico Franchise, "The unique franchise model provides our team the foundation and tools necessary to launch a company that will offer critical solar energy solutions to homeowners. Solar Universe eliminates many of the hurdles we would have faced in launching this business, and allows us to focus on getting homeowners and communities throughout Puerto Rico set up with a sustainable energy solution."

The franchise opening coincides directly with increased interest in renewable energy sources throughout Puerto Rico. The current energy production system in Puerto Rico, as in many other Caribbean islands, relies on the process of importing and burning fuel oil to produce electricity, making it an unsustainable and costly source. Puerto Rico Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, and other officials have committed to supporting alternative energy incentives to increase renewable energy implementation.

"The solar customer continues to evolve, as installation and financing becomes increasingly accessible for consumers," said Joe Bono, CEO of Solar Universe, "by launching our first international franchise in Puerto Rico, we are extending sustainable opportunities for the island's current energy needs as well as opening the door for new business opportunities in the growing communities."

Solar Universe presents a distinct economic prospect for local communities throughout Puerto Rico as solar installation becomes more popular on the island. The Solar Universe offering will provide homeowners simple access to quality, safe and consistent solar energy services.

"In addition to helping to make our island the next hot spot for solar energy, we are pleased to introduce a money-saving alternative for power to homeowners by way of a family-owned and operated business," said Luz Rodriguez, co-owner of the Puerto Rico location, "As this industry takes off in Puerto Rico, having an established local and trustworthy business is going to be critical to people's overall confidence in solar."

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About Solar Universe

Solar Universe is the leading solar franchising concept bringing solar to consumers through its network of locally owned and operated franchises. Using a scalable franchise model, Solar Universe is changing the face of the solar industry by enabling consumers to produce power at home through easy and affordable installation. The company was founded in 2008 by President and CEO, Joseph Bono and has 37 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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