Talesun Solar USA and Sunnova Announce New Partnership for Residential Solar Installations


San Jose, Calif. – Talesun Solar USA, a global solar module manufacturer with the world's largest fully-automated manufacturing facility, and residential solar financing provider Sunnova today announced that Talesun will provide modules to Sunnova installers across the organizations large geographic footprint. The agreement was reached after Sunnova accepted Talesun into its rigorously vetted solar partner program.

"Sunnova's focus is providing care-free, low cost electricity for homeowners through our network of solar installer partners," said John Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy Corporation. "Talesun is the perfect fit for us because they share our focus and provide a high quality, efficient panel at a competitive price. We are excited to offer Talesun modules to our solar installer partners."

The partnership between Sunnova and Talesun will deliver high quality and lower costs to residential solar customers thanks to both companies similar, streamlined approach to their business models. Sunnova, is working toward becoming the largest residential power provider in the United States by handling all of its processing online to offer customers simple, straightforward solutions. Talesun Solar's high tech, state-of-the-art solar manufacturing facility dramatically reduced costs while delivering consistently high and precise levels of quality in its modules.

"Our partnership with Sunnova will provide U.S. homeowners with the best combination of affordable and high-quality solar because both companies share a focus on smart, efficient processes," said Eric Ma, General Manager of Talesun USA. "We look forward to working with Sunnova as it expands and Talesun continues to invest in growing its market share in North America."

About Sunnova

Sunnova Energy Corporation provides homeowners efficient and reliable access to low-cost solar electricity in partnership with local installers. When homeowners lease a solar system from Sunnova, they make a fixed monthly payment for power, just like their electricity bill, but with lower fixed costs for years to come. Plus, homeowners receive the peace of mind that comes with complete coverage including monitoring, maintenance, insurance and warranty. Sunnova is available in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Texas, more than any other residential power provider. For more information, visit www.sunnova.com.

About Talesun Solar USA

Talesun Solar USA, a subsidiary of global solar solution company Talesun Solar, consistently produces industry-leading quality in their crystalline photovoltaic modules manufactured in the world's largest, fully automated production facility (2,260,000 square feet or the size of almost forty football fields). This systematic production process provides Talesun Solar customers with front runner price-performance ratios. Supporting its partners in the solar value chain, Talesun Solar also offers project development services, engineering support and financing. As an advancing solar leader, Talesun is dedicated to delivering exceptional sales support and customer service in the United States, Europe, South America, Japan, Australia and China. Talesun Solar is a subsidiary of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group Co., Ltd., the international market leader in special cables, optical fiber cables and photovoltaic product manufacturing. Talesun Solar USA, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Talesun Solar. For more information on Talesun Solar USA, visit: www.talesunusa.com

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