Photovoltaics: MetaSole obtains important ETN certification in France

Higher feed-in tariff for semi-integrated mounting systems

Cologne, 2nd July 2013 – The MetaSole mounting system from manufacturer Renusol has obtained the prestigious "Certifié par ETN Réf. BT120019" certification. The certification, which was awarded by the renowned Bureau Alpes Contrôles testing institute, inspires even more confidence in insurance companies, investors and financial institutions.

The success has resulted in MetaSole not only being acclaimed as an on-roof mounting system but also as a semi-integrated system. Semi-integrated solar receives 17 euro cents as opposed to only 8 euro cents for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity that they feed into the power grid. Furthermore, PV plants with certified components are more readily accepted by insurance companies. In particular, plants on public pieces of land and larger installations, which must be put out to public tender when they have a capacity of at least 100 kilowatts peak (kWp), are more likely to be accepted when they include ETN certification. MetaSole was tested alongside the trapezoidal sheet metal produced by the company Profil C and modules from selected manufacturers. Solar plants mounted on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with modules of comparable sizes that are fastened using MetaSole are also accepted by many insurance companies.

"We are delighted that our pitched roof mounting system has obtained the prestigious ETN certification. Solar plant operators in France benefit from especially favourable conditions by using our certified clamp base," explains Stefan Ast, Head of Marketing at Renusol GmbH, which is headquartered in Cologne and represented across Europe and the USA. "As MetaSole fixes modules without using mounting rails, its purchase price is also lower. All of the components needed to mount a solar plant with a capacity of 5 kWp fit into a shoe box and the low quantity of mounting material keeps storage and transport costs to a minimum. Suppliers and distributors from France and the surrounding area can now definitely look forward to an increased demand for MetaSole."

MetaSole enables framed photovoltaic modules to be mounted exceptionally quickly on aluminium and steel trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. Only a few components are required and the modules are fixed without the need for long mounting rails. The screws incorporates a cone point that penetrates material, meaning that there is no need for pilot drilling, reducing the installation time further.

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About Renusol
Renusol GmbH has specialised in sophisticated solutions for installing photovoltaic systems since 1997. The company develops, manufactures and sells modular systems for the installation of both ground-mounted solar systems and systems for roofs of any kind. As a full subsidiary of CENTROSOLAR Group AG, Renusol complements the overall portfolio of this one-stop supplier for photovoltaic systems, and its systems and additional services are represented in all the key markets of Europe and the USA. The company's headquarters are located in Cologne.

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