North America's Commercial Monitoring Leader Introduces Their Simplest, Most Cost-effective Solar Monitoring Solution

"Commercial Light" includes a cellular modem for quick and easy installation—at the lowest price point ever from DECK Monitoring!

DECK Monitoring has created an easy, low-cost solar monitoring option for simple 3-phase commercial projects. 

With Commercial Light, customers get the key benefits of the DECK Monitoring solution with just one device:  the kV2c socket meter from GE. This meter includes a cellular modem, so the installer won't have to deal with communications wiring and IT connections. Commercial Light also comes with a 5-year data plan from Verizon Wireless Services, so customers can truly have a "plug and play" experience with installation and deployment. A full installation may be accomplished in as little as one hour!

Commercial Light is being offered at the lowest price point ever for DECK Monitoring. Now developers and installers have an affordable new monitoring option from the leader in the North American commercial monitoring market.

(Surveys conducted by GreenTech Media have named DECK Monitoring as North America's leading independent commercial monitoring provider for two years in a row: most new sites monitored for both light and heavy commercial market segments.)
Commercial monitoring customers may now choose between Commercial Light and the traditional Core Package commercial monitoring solution from DECK.

Both solutions provide revenue-grade metering that satisfies virtually every data reporting certification standard in North America. Whereas the Core Package solution can accommodate custom systems with added meters and sensors, however, Commercial Light provides just one data point for total system

AC output (the one exception to this rule: satellite irradiance data may be added to the Commercial Light package). Additionally, the host electrical system for Commercial Light projects may not exceed 200 amps in size.

Each monitoring solution from DECK includes two web-based displays: the public-facing Dashboard, and the secure private Admin Panel. The Dashboard provides end users with a data readout for their solar power system that is attractive and easy to understand. The DECK Dashboard is ideal for screen savers, or for a kiosk display in a building lobby.

The DECK Admin Panel is intended for project developers. Registered Admin Panel users can see detailed analytic data for all monitored systems in one convenient web display. This helpful interface includes a suite of project management tools to assist with fleet deployments. These tools include useful portfolio overview displays, along with a logistics center to track hardware shipments. The Admin Panel also includes automated performance alarms that allow users to remotely monitor performance for an entire portfolio of solar power projects.

DECK Monitoring has also released a new socket meter solution for simple solar projects in the residential market segment. This new product—"DECK Residential"—utilizes the I-210+c socket meter from GE. As with Commercial Light, DECK Residential comes with a cellular modem and a 5-year data plan from Verizon.

More information about DECK Monitoring is available on their website:

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