Spider9 and Easypower Awarded 2 MWh Energy Storage Project

Spider9 and Easypower announce their first project together for the commercial deployment of Two Mega-Watt Hours of energy storage in Europe.

Northville, Mich August 07, 2013

Spider9, a clean energy solutions company, and European energy systems provider Easypower announced today that they will partner to deliver a 2 MWh grid-tied energy storage system in Europe. The 2 MWh energy storage system is an integrated part of a larger multi-megawatt solar installation that will be installed by Easypower early next year and will provide load shifting, firming and power factor correction capabilities.

Easypower, who was awarded the project, targeted energy storage as the key differentiator to the project's success and goals of providing higher system reliability and energy management flexibility. "We wanted to make sure that we were partnered with the technology leader in the market. Spider9's OSE provides not only increased efficiency and lower operating costs, but also a platform that can adapt to new technology. This is of great importance when making a long-term technology investment," said Nikos Savouris, Vice President of Easypower, S.A.

"Spider9 welcomed the extensive research and careful deliberation that went into Easypower's process of choosing a partner," said Spider9 President and Chief Executive Officer, Glynne Townsend. "We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with one of Europe's leading solar and storage pioneers and to the opportunity to make renewable energy cost-effective and reliable."

Today's announcement is the first of several projects that Spider9 and Easypower are collaborating on in a stationary energy storage market that is forecasted to grow into a $20 billion industry by 2020. Through this partnership the two companies will be able to provide grid-tied, off-grid, and microgrid systems for residential, commercial and grid scale applications that incorporate both traditional solar and wind-based renewable energy generation.

About Spider9 Inc.

Spider9, Inc. is a Northville, MI-based Startup Company that uses their dynamic energy operating system to make renewable energy generation and storage more effective and affordable. Led by a team of former Fortune 500 executives, Spider9 was founded with the goal of decreasing the cost and increasing the viability of renewable energy. For more information on Spider9, please visit http://www.Spider9.com .

About Easypower S.A.

Easypower S.A.was founded in 2007 and is a founding member of the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers (HAPEP). They are one of Europe's leading companies specialized in the creation, investment and management of electrical power production units and boast some of the world's highest-performing solar installations. A firm believer in the benefits of renewable energy generation integrated with energy storage, Easypower has pioneered the implementation and growth of advanced storage and renewable energy systems. For more information on Easypower S.A., please visit http://www.easypower.gr/.

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