Woehner USA Focuses On Higher System Voltages And Space And Labor Savings at SPI 2013

New Telergon S6000 switch debuts with a number of PV fuseholders

Portsmouth, NH. September 30, 2013 – In booth # 4615 at Solar Power International 2013, Woehner USA will focus on space and labor saving components for balance of system and inverter assemblies and the trend toward higher system voltages.

The latest Woehner fuse holders and Telergon switches for photovoltaic applications will also be showcased. Woehner USA is the official distributor for the complete range of Telergon photovoltaic (PV) switches in North America.

"We will be addressing the important industry issues of space and labor savings and the movement towards higher system voltages at SPI," said Kevin Saunders, MD of Woehner USA. "As European manufacturers, we have developed IEC certified product solutions that are suitable for use at higher system voltages - up to 1500Vdc. As UL extend their testing and certification standards to higher system voltages, Woehner and Telergon are prepared to meet these requirements. In addition, as system developers push to gain the efficiencies of higher system voltages, we are also ready to support their initiative."

The new Telergon S6000 (size 1) switch will debut in the Woehner booth. It is used in string combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes and inverters for both AC and DC applications and for non-fused, load-break switching.

Luis Aransay, Export Area Manager of Telergon said, "We are excited to join Woehner USA at SPI 2013 and showcase our latest products. North America continues to be a key market and growth area for us and we look forward to discussing global trends in the PV switch arena with booth visitors."

Woehner will show case three fuse holders for 1500Vdc photovoltaic applications that are certified to the UL4248-18 standard. The PVH-NH1XL and PVH-NH2XL/3L photovoltaic fuse holders are typically used for 250A and 600A applications. Both can be connected either cable-to-cable or cable-to-busbar. They are suitable for use with NH1XL, NH2XL or NH3L photovoltaic fuses. The AMBUS® EasySwitch holder for 10X85 cylindrical fuses (AES10x85) is a cylindrical photovoltaic fuse holder for 30A applications. Woehner is the only manufacturer of dead-front, DIN-mount, finger-safe fuse holder for 10x85mm fuses and is good for up to 1500Vdc.

All three are traditionally panel mounted and are suitable for DIN-rails or mounting plates. They are used in balance of system assemblies produced by combiner box and inverter manufacturers. Their key function is to protect the wires and cables in DC power distribution systems of utility or commercial scale photovoltaic installations.

Two 1000Vdc fuse holders will also be in the Woehner booth. The DIN mount AMBUS® EasySwitch 10x38 targets North American solar combiner box and inverter manufacturers who build to the UL1741 standard. The product offers a UL4248-18 listing at 1000 volts DC for fuses as large as 30 amps. This fuse holder is suitable for use with both 1000Vdc rated UL2579 listed PV fuses or IEC60269-2 certified gPV fuses.

The AMBUS ® EasyLiner BusBar mounted 10X38 fuse holder (AEL10x38/PV) offers a UL4248-18 listing for 10x38 fuses as large as 30 amps. The AEL10x38/PV's enhanced design boosts system safety and provides significant material, space and labor savings to North American solar combiner box and inverter manufacturers who also build to the UL1741 standard and require a mounting and current-combining provision for PV rated UL2579 fuses.

Telergon's S5000 DC load break switches will also be in the Woehner booth. They are ETL recognized to the UL98B standard at 1000Vdc and are aimed at North American photovoltaic installations that require NRTL (Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory) certification. The S5000 DC load break switches are typically used in string combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes and inverters that are constructed to the UL1741 standard and can be used to safely disconnect live direct current at up to 1000Vdc. They are constructed with four poles and are available in four models

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